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Happy Birthday digital dragon, Braveheart and tyler!!

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Let's sing it folks! (sounds a wee bit hazy out there, but...)

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To All of You:
HAppy Birthday :D
OMG Johnny, that card is too much! :D

Happy Birthday all!

Earl, did you tell everyone you wanted a gift certificate to the LFS? ;)

happy birthday doodes!

:dance: :dance: :dance:

...and I can't believe you didn't day anything...
Thank you everyone for remembering my birthday. I am the big 33 and don't feel it. Yesterday was a good birthday. My dad came up from Georgia and took me out to lunch and we watched a movie in the surround sound room afterwards at the house. After the movie I just lounged around the house for the rest of the day. It was great that my birthday fell on a holiday off this year. Thanks again to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday.


I would have ask for a gift certificate but all of th local stores have really gone downhill and I am no longer supporting them. Plus I don't have any room left in my tank until I rearrange the rock for better distribution of corals. I think I need a bigger tank. ;)

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