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("MAN, in this strange new world sure hope someone doesn't shoot me for still being 'patriotic'......or ban me for saying THAT'")

Weather is in the hands of our local chamber of commerce this year.....looks like dicey weather out the window, but the chamber is telling the forecasters to remember who controls their licence in our tourist filled sea side area. ;)

I was flipping through the internet, because.....?.....hmmmmm, I ain't rightly sure, BUT I came across an on the street interview where a reporter was asking folks on the street 'Why we celebrate the 4th of July'......of course I'm sure it was 'edited', and only the ones who didn't know the answer made it to the clip.....BUT I WAS SHOCKED AT HOW MANY WERE CLUELESS. Then when clued in with the word, 'INDEPENDENCE', they didn't know from who?

Big sigh inserted HERE. Can we really be living in a country now where folks don't know this? WHERE ANYBODY DOESN'T KNOW THAT? I guarantee you at our celebration of our declaration of independence from Jolly ole England, there WILL BE A DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS.......and I equally guarantee you EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT ANSWER!

NOW, I will be the first to concede in the NOT knowing the exact dates, and nuances of the whole 'situation'. as I just spent 3 hours, and a handful of IBUPROFEN to feign my intelligence on this subject......BUT THE GIST I believe ALL AMERICANS should know.....

Our Founding Fathers signed their own death warrants in signing this document 'DECLARING OUR INDEPENDENCE' from England, and put their hands where their mouths were, and stood up to be counted.

I don't rightly need to know where or when 'exactly' that fist came from that put me on the floor......only that it came! And these brave men that had some 'starch in their britches' began our march to freedom!

HAPPY 4th of JULY Everyone, and try to squeeze in some thought, and PLEASE pass that on to others, as to why we're here today.
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