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Hagen calcium kit and results

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I just used the Hagen/Nutrafin calcium test. It applies three different liquids to a vile of tankwater, then asks to see when it turns from pink to violet. It became difficult to really discern exactly when the violet occurred...each added drop of the final liquid changing the hue ever so slightly. Anyway, best of my eye and my son's eye, it seemed to translate into a level between 600-700.

I realize that's high. Maybe we weren't reading it correctly. However, I was wondering whether I had been using the B-Ionic 2 part additive too much. The tank has been running about 5 months, all other tests good. Per LFS, I had been putting in the B-Ionic daily for a couple of months. Only corals are soft, mushrooms and polyps.

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I havent used the Hagen kit, but it sounds similar to the Red Sea kit in operation. I prefer the Salifert, once youg get used to it its not hard and more accurate. Are you testing for alkilinity as well, the 2 are very co dependant.
In a soft coral tank, you should be fine with minimal dosing of B-ionic, unless you have vigorous coralline growth. These calcerous algaes can use a lot, whereas most soft corals only need enough for sclerite production as the coral grows. These are the little calcite needles most soft corals incorporate in the flesh to help add support.
Obviously the stoney corals will consume more calcium , with the fast growing SPS like acropora , etc really sucking it up.
Reading of 6-700 sounds way to high, getting close to the point that it will start to precipitate out(like snowflakes) unless the alkalinity is way to low. I would double check it, preferably againt a better test kit , HTH
105man... there isn't enough in your tank for the b-ionic. I would stop using it for a while. Also, I gotta agree with Doug, get a better test kit, and again, Salifert. They are a little more moneym, but less frustrating and more accurate..
Thanks...I had already put a stop to the various additives I had been using, based on everyone's advice here.

There is no snowfall effect...I am guessing the calcium is not that high.

I don't have a specific alkalinity test, but will get one. Maybe get an iodine/iodide test, and another calcium test also.

I stopped the B-Ionic, the Strontium/Molyebenum, and Iodine additives. Will just put in either Phytoplex or Microvert once a week.

I can't speak for the Hagen Ca kit! But I have a SeaTest Ca kit that does the same thing? Except mine is suppose to turn blue? I also had a Seachem Ca kit that I could not read correctly?
As doug1 & Lise have stated, Salifert has a nice Ca test kit. I have also heard many good remarks about them, So my next kit will be a Salifert maybe then I figure out what my Ca reading is? All I can tell is that it's somewhere between 325 & 600 :funny:
My Seachem is pretty accurate. you just have to be sure to swirl. I actually tested my Calcium with the seachem and some sort of titrate (thats is supposedly really accurate) in my lab at school and it was pretty close (11ppm ).
I prefer the Hach test kits myself. I've tried Salifert and most of the others and have fouind the Hach ones much easier to read. They are a little more initially, but after that you just buy refills for the different reagents and they are cheap.
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