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Guns anyone?

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So I have some handguns a shotgun and a .22 rifle but I just got my first AR. My next purchase is going to be a bolt action .308. Anyone want to talk precious metals with me lol
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A hobby I left behind soooooo many years ago when I became a Family man. Time and money went to different priorities. Skip ahead 40 years, and the spark got rekindled through my 15 year old Son's eyes. Saw the glimmer when He graduated from His BB guns this past Christmas to His first big boy gun....a Steyr Zepher II .22 LR - with full stock. And I recognized the symptoms instantly of a 'person bit by the gun bug'.....and bit Him good it did.

A Beretta sXs GR-2 ..12 ga. , a Moseburg 935, and a Browning 'Hi Power' 9 mm. And there's a new pump action 12 ga. perhaps showing up this evening. BIT GOOD this one is.
We have a Rossi .22lr that my 3 year old son has shot probably 300 times.
A Mossberg Maverick 88 pump action 12ga has a pistol grip telescoping stock and factory stock 18 and half inch barrel and a 28 inch accuchoke barrel for birds still need to get a heat shield and a new fore end
Have a custom AR-15 chambered for 5.56 laser red dot fore grip houge stock in desert tan. Still needs a better laser flashlight sling and a different charging handle
Heritage rough rider .22 WMR single action revolver you can hold the trigger and fan the hammer like a cowboy in the old westerns it has the 6 inch barrel so really accurate
.32 auto pink grip purse gun that is accurate to two whole yards lol
Taurus G2C 9mm I have put thousands of rounds through and it is still bone stock nothing wore out yet!
Browning high power 9mm black with wood grips I let my dad carry it
A .40 Smith SD40VE brushed stainless black grip
Taurus ultra lite .38 special all black double action revolver 6 shot
Its only pieces right now but I am working on an old French ruby .32 it is stamped from service in WW1!
Still have some new ones in the near future like the new M&P shield PLUS for my everyday carry. The Ruger American hunter in .308. My friend has an old Smith .357 police issue from the 40s. Trying to decide on a 9mm revolver but haven't decided on which one yet. And I want a 1911 real bad. I think I am going to get a Remington 870 12ga. And anything else that strikes my fancy. I quit drinking so that my wife would quit oppressing my gun cravings lol. I am also teaching myself gunsmithing by doing entire tear down clean and polish jobs on ALL my friends guns. My first Henry lever action was a fun blunder. Oh I love guns if you can't tell, I think I am doing good for 35 and 5 kids.
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I can't get the minute long video of Ozzy (my 12 year old) shooting the AR for the first time. Mom said Hagan (my 3 year old) couldn't shoot it but he still got the let the .22 rifle rip. He is gonna be a marine or spec ops or something I bet.
I guess not many people like fish AND guns lol
Ahhhhh, their lose.

Just got back in from picking up our latest acquisition from my Brother......a Mossburg 88, 12 ga., pump. Talk about Rip Van Winkle and awaking to a strange new world......Last I knew, Mossburgs were entry level economy swill. Back when I started hunting in the early 70's, picked one up at the local hardware store, a model 500. Maybe a buck n a half. NOW there not only passed off as a top quality gun, they're held up as the 'gold standard'.....REALLY PEOPLE?

Any way, this new model 88 looks to be for all the world a 'cheaped down' version of the 500.....plastic stock and forearm rather than the really chincy wood the 500 had I seem to recall. BUT in this strange day and age, my Boy now has the 'pump gun' He has been wanting. So all is groovy.
So funny you mention that the 88 and the 500 are the same gun minus one detail... the location of the safety. On the 500 it is on the spine of the gun to be worked with your thumb breaking grip. The 88 it is a bar safety located at your index finger when straight. It makes a HUGE difference when you switch to a pistol grip! All the parts are interchangeable 88/500 minus the trigger group. Bran new from Wal-Mart out here the 88 is $188 with 28 inch ribbed accuchoke barrel. Like I said I have one and I love it but I'm going with the Remington 870 next instead. Unless my friend will finally sell me his Benneli. Now THAT is a nice shot gun!
I miss my old 590M with Speed Stock. Greg was showing me his new AR pistol. Except for the wrist strap on stock it looks like a SBR to me
Former NRA Pistol and Rifle instructor here. But I just sold 90% of my guns. Everything I had for students. Still have

Custom Built AR
Glass bedded custom .308
CZ America .22

CZ 75 BD (USPSA competition gun)
CZ 75 SP01 (carry gun)
XD 40 (carry gun)
And my 1911 (Just cause I want it gun)

That being said, I’m not a gun guy per se. I shoot them well. (I shoot everything well including Bow), but they are more tool to me than hobby if that makes sense.
I miss almost every gun I have gotten rid of so now I just don't get rid of them lol. I did have to quit drinking so the Mrs. would stop oppressing my purchases. So not sure if anyone remembers but no more whiskey thoughts... I did have some good ideas when "feeling my oats".
Oh man I wish I knew you in person skmoss I am going gun shopping today...
So you are 100% right about guns being tools.i am not a gun collector so its not really a hobby but my sons and I do shoot recreationally and we do some gunsmithing for friends and we find it fun so would it be considered a hobby or a pass time?
Oh man I wish I knew you in person skmoss I am going gun shopping today...
So you are 100% right about guns being tools.i am not a gun collector so its not really a hobby but my sons and I do shoot recreationally and we do some gunsmithing for friends and we find it fun so would it be considered a hobby or a pass time?
I know you don't need this, but One of the features of my classes was a check list of student guns. Each student handled and shot each gun during class. .22, .380, 9mm (small and large frame). .40, 38/357, .45. One of the 45s jammed on about every 4-5th shot. Ha, what better way to teach how to clear a jam.

I had the students rate each gun, how did it feel, how did it come up on sight, how did it shoot. (Snappy wrist, loud, etc etc).

They would take the form to the gun shop and show it to them. Gave the gun shop a head start on what to suggest. Students appreciated it, but the gun shops loved it. We talked all of the "girlfriends" out of "just a small .380" the "boy friend" was pushing, in favor of a nice full frame 9mm.
So I found ammo and promptly dropped $450 but they sold the gun I want yesterday... the next store had it M&P shield plus performance center. I have bought 4 guns from this store but this time I got a delay until April 1st. But I'll get my new EDC and I hope they will have the safe I want. They didn't have the .308 I want they had a 6.5 that looked cool but don't know about the gun at all. Anyway edge of my seat waiting for my new pistol.
The creed seems to be taking the place of the .308 as the long range target rifle. Its faster and flatter shooting. If I got serious with long range competion I’d take another look, but my .308 is plenty for me.
I like aquariums and flowers as much as guns and cars. I am a multifaceted kinda guy lol.
So yesterday I went to the outdoor store just to get a new fire and water resistant gun safe and look at knives. Well a gun I JUST seen an add for and got excited about... wait for it... IT WAS ON THE SHELF!!! The exact model I want and everything. The M&P Shield plus performance center. The plus is double stack and tuned trigger and the performance center is ported barrel and slide and night sights. I want to try it EDC and replace my old Taurus G2C that has had or 3k rounds through it. The store told me that I have been put on delay! I have bought a dozen guns and have never had this happen.
Oh the safe was 10% off with gun purchase and they didn't have it in stock.
That is the luck of the Irish for you.
Shaymus have you fired a ported pistol before? years ago I bought a new Taurus 66 4" factory ported as an EDC. Loved that gun but the enhanced muzzle blast took some getting used to. My Fire Cheif still has it, I should try and get ti back
Air gun Cap Outdoor recreation Baseball cap Shotgun

Jeans Air gun Gesture Shooting range Shotgun

My Brother Hack....Don to some, showing Hack, Son Hack, the ropes.

Air gun Precision sports Shotgun Gun barrel Trigger

Shorts Water Fence Gesture Pipeline transport

Always been found of big guns. ?

Sky Plant Tree Wood Grass

100 yrd. .22, open sights....4" group 5 rounds.

He was bit by the 'bug' early.
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