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The background knowledge that I "think" I know :) is this

at 6500k lighting simulates natural sunlight, corals love this to grow, but the problem is that their colors are drab and brownish. Fish colors appear quite normal and I'm assuming that this is what most tanks are photographed under even if they were grown under higher K to help them "color up"?

At 10000 (light cloudy day) or 14000 lighting corals grow slower (all other things being constant) but their colors are more vibrant. At 20000 (actinic) corals grow their slowest, perhaps not much at all, but they tend to have vibrant "over clocked" colors (again all other things being the same like trace minerals, low P/N, etc.).

Viewing the tank at these 14k to 20k colors feels atrocious to me. Fish look drab, the whole thing feels dark and shadowy?

Question: Does most everyone in actuality let their tank go on auto-pilot under the 14/20k and just view/photography their tanks under 10 or 6.5k?

Question: I have AI Sol's coming, would it make sense to ramp them up from 10AM to 4PM with 14-20k (I get home around 4pm) have them switch to more 6.5k ish light from 4-8 or so then back to the cooler colors?

Question: So some people just have "viewing lights" they turn on only when they want to look at the tank?
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