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group order?

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Does anyone want to order some livestock from

They will Knock off 70% of the shipping if I order today. I only want a few zoo's and some Ricordia. 9 corals can be ordered per box and by my calculations the total shipping would only be $10.50 plus a $10 box charge. Sounds like a good deal. I will be around the house all day checking back, this order must be placed by 6 pm today. If you are in the North East Atlanta area it would be easier....

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MAN!!!!!!! I wanted to do a group order for some of his stuff over winter break when I was home....

oh, well, maybe he will be offering another special like that. Also, I think he offers specials to group buys like the one you are trying to get togeather!
Id be interested in one or two items. I live in Alpharetta, but can drive to your house/location of shipment to make this easy for you. PM me on how youd like to handle it and when you want a the items I want to get. Im thinking I can handle 2 items, but again let me know response as I can just get one.

sent pm
I'm interested, send me an email or PM, [email protected] .

I checked the website and it is pretty picked over right now. I am really after some red zoo's and purple mushrooms. They are out of those at the present time. The shipping is only 35 bucks for 9 frags anyways. When they get them back in stock I will contact yall again. I should I have went through the website before I posted.

Anyone want to do one anyway?

I checked the site and there are discounts and free frags for Aquarium Society Pool Orders. I have not looked into how much off or the free frags but it would be interesting to find out.

Ray, is there anyway that I can "store" some in your tank and retreave them one weekend I am down there?

there are some red/blue zoos here
maybe you guys can order from him.
Thanks Ceasar...

I am down with that guys. If you are near Suwanee GA and you are intersted in this yall pm me and we will set it up. This guy updates his page pretty often so he might have some cool stuff soon. I am on his email list.

Any takers?

I am on a quest for Red Zoo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
No prob Will. I can bring them up some time when I go to columbia or vice versa.

Just keep me updated on when the order will go in, does that sound fine?
No Prob Will. Either or. It doenst' look like no order but I would like red zoos as well.

I have only recieved a pm from a few of you. As of right now I have email a guy at He has a 5 for 75$ frag deal that seems to be a pretty sweet idea. I am going to see if he will lower the price for more frags. The are about the size of a quarter according to his sight. If you are interested just let me know.

I was also looking to get a group order up, but not for corals. I was looking to buy from and get a new fish and some cleanup crew. They have limited coral selection but tons of cleanup and fish available if anyone needs that. It is a $75 minimum buy but has free shipping after that.
As far as Blane from he is a good guy and stands beside his product. Sorry I missed out or I would have placed an order. He has really expanded his stock over the last six months. He usually does discounts for societies. I have been pleased with his quality as well. If you get on the mailing list he will send you a days advance notice.

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