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Grimjow's 150g Build

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I'm going to do my final upgrade in tank size 150g 72x18x30 and a 55g for sump. This one is going to be a fake bottom just like geoff and nate did but in cement. Its already done and in the tank and it looks great will post pics soon. I did most of the rock with portland cement. I hope by next month it will be fully running. Everything from the 75g will be transfered. Let me know what you guys think.

2 Ecotech MP40w
Reef Octopus SRO3000int
Eheim 1262 Return pump
Hydor 400w Heater
Reef Keeper Lite (SL1, PC4, ALC,)

2 AI Sol Blue
2 RK Moon Lights

150g 72x18x30
125-150lbs of live rock with DIY Rocks
55g Sump

Bluejaw Triggerfish
Tomato Clownfish
Neon Goby
Sixline Wrasse
3 Pajama Cardinals
Bangaii Cardinal

Pink Green Polyp Birdnest
Sunset Zoas
Green open Brain (Trach)
Watermelon Mushroom

Next Month Upgrade
1 AI Sol Blue

This plates are removable thats the good thing about them.
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That rock work is really impressive. It looks like lace rock almost. How did you manage to get it so porous?
Thanks, I added some chunk of salt in the mix of cement.
How did you get the salt to dissolve after the concrete set? Di you just rinse it or did it dissolve in the concrete?
yea it dissolves in water after the concrete is set and it dissolves quick in about 10 min.
What you guys think i should go with 1 MP60 or 2 MP40?
Not sure on the flow rating for either but I would go with two pumps facing each other to get random flow. I've always read that the randomness is more important that speed of flow. Plus then if you have any corals their polyps will get tossed around in multiple directions instead of just being blasted in one direction
Just got the 2 mp40, RO SRO3000, and a Eheim 1262 pump. Fish tank is up and running. and its doing great.

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