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Tank was born in July of 2007. 150g (5x2x2) with starfire glass on 3 sides and an overflow in each back corner. One overflow goes into a sock in the 35g sump and the other goes into a 40g refugium. The refugium overflows via gravity-- a connecting 1.5" hose takes the refugium water and dumps it right next to the sock in the sump. Two Rio Hyperflows return the water to the display tank; lockline outlet on each back side of the tank. There's a closed loop with the inlet on the back lower middle of the tank and the pump (big Iwaki external) shoots the water back into the tank via a long piece of lockline with jets all across the back of the tank (so that there are no dead spots behind the liverock).
Two 250w SE metal halide 20k bulbs in Lumenarc reflectors, with two 5' T-5 actinics.
Korallin 1502 calcium reactor
ASM G2 protein skimmer
Kalk dripped via 5g container with needle valve on the end of a piece of airline tubing.
4 Seio pumps in the tank for flow.
Powder Blue tang
lots of blennies and gobies
Blotchy anthias
Royal Gramma
Lots of sps, lps, mushrooms and one green toadstool leather. And a Coco worm (15 months and still doing well).
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