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This is your chance to post your most beautiful shots of green star polyps in your tank!

Thread Request:

- Size your pictures to 450 x 3??

- Please post pics and descriptions only Please!!!!

Don't be shy. Even if you think your pics suck. Have Fun!

For those that want GSP coral and want to know its requirements:
This coral thrives on high lighting, low flow, and absorbs nutrients in the water. It also requires a alkalinity of 10 - 12 DKH, Calcium of 450 ppm, a salinity of 1.025, and temps at 78 - 82 degrees.

I have a very small gsp frag so all my shots are macros:

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Nice pictures!
My GSP was the very first specimen I bought for my tank, and it grows like a weed under 220w of PC lighting... in fact, every time I decide to remove some rockwork I have to break it loose from whatever it's leaning on... so I now have little bits of GSP growing in several places in my tank.
Here's an older pic... I'll post a better one when I get a chance (it's late and the lights are out ATM).
This picture was taken the day I added it to my tank (about the middle of February). It had spent a couple of months under the NO lighting in the LFS... it's much greener now.
Will be even greener once I get the halide in. :)


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