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Sorry for continually asking about this and the not-so-great pictures (below), but I'm pretty sure that this is STN. For the past few days my green acro has been browning, and I initially thought it wasn't liking the light it was in, so I adjusted that, but now I am noticing tissue loss along the base of the acro. It looks like the tissue is receding from the base, turning a pale grey color. My guess is STN. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Tank specs are in the My Tanks link in my sig.
SG: 1.024
Temp: 79
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: 0
Phos: 0
Mag: ~1400
Cal: 415
Alk: 8.0 dKH
pH: 8.3

Now I know that we don't really know exactly what causes STN/RTN, but does anyone have experience with what has caused it or remedied it in their experience? Possibly alk? Should I just frag the good parts and hope for the best? Never fragged SPS before, any pointers?

Thanks in advance

See the tissue loss around the base

Just losing color in general

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I've had RTN on a birdsnest colony. I believe mine was from alkalinity fluctuation. Apparently any quick change in a vital parameter can cause this, but alkalinity seems to be most common.

If it's bacterial, a dip could help it. I have also read covering the damaged area in superglue can stop any more tissue loss.

As far as a pest, I have no idea. Perhaps look at the coral at night after the lights have been out for a while.

I would result to fragging if nothing else works.
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