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Morning Vinnie !! I bet you will be glad to head home this week
Thanks for the coffee. Heading to breakfast with my mother in law ,wife and my kids .
Hope everyone takes some time to relax today . It is Saturday !!:sleeping:

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Mornin' all :wavey:
Just back from a early breakfast down the road, and after some more coffee and the morning paper i'll get to starting the remainder of the day around here.

Windy and hinting of rain today, figures rain in the forecast cuz i have a b-day party to attend for my nephew this afternoon and will have to take the freshly doll'd up car outa the garage. Oh well, but i was hoping for a few days of nice weather b4 it got dirty again.:mad:

Other than the daily chores and a lil bit left of sprucin up the car, nothing else on my plate today.

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:

I've got the REEF rash!
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Morning All!Thanks for the coffee and the sweet roll Vin!I bet your family can't waite too!Got to clean for people coming over tomarrow(very weird (1st yr without my parents here))But at least my wife Chris has hers(but they are in bad shape).Oh well try and make the best!Have A Great Day All!

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Good Saturday Morning, Everybody! :)

Remember to honor all the mothers in your life tomorrow.

I'm finally up, George. A good night's sleep has been hard to come by this week between back and shoulders. :(

Vince, I know you're glad to see the end of that project so you can head back down South.

Jeff, a good rain is when my car gets a good washing. :D

Rosie doesn't get those great breakfast buffets but she's quite happy with her Dog Chow.

Have a Super Saturday, Everyone!


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Morning Vinnie, Tom, Jeff, George, HD, nanofreak, Dick, Cath, and the rest of the crew.

Glad to hear you are going to be heading back home soon Vinnie.

Dick, I hope your back gets to feeling better very soon. You have a special road trip next week you know. I am looking forward to finally meeting you, so rest up sir. :)

I am going to try to convince my wife to go on a road trip to a distant LFS this weekend. It is not too much of a stretch, since it takes me 2 hours one way to get to the closest one but I am thinking about 4 to 6 hours one way. I would like to check in on a small shop in Myrtle Beach that I was at last October, but this may not be the best time of the year to visit there. ;)

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Good mawnin', Vinnie, Tom, Jeff, George, Mike, Nano, Dick, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee and sweet roll, Vinnie :) You've got a good attitude about working today. But then, you seem to always have a good attitude.

Tom- - by now you have probably been stuffed at breakfast...or maybe not ;)

Jeff - too bad the spit shine on your car getting muddy all over again.

George - Extra prayers for you this weekend. Maybe a cardinal will come to visit you :)

Dick - Good to see Rosie visiting us again. BTW...don't know if you saw my comment about FishGirl's duet. Very nicely done!

Ray - how was the Regional Chorus that you daughter was in? What music did they perform?

Hi, HHC! Hi, Patrick!

:eek: I've been awake since 7:30. Where did the time go??

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.

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Alright! I'm up, I'm up.
Couldn't believe that the dogs let me sleep until 8:30.
Cath it was great. The spring show is always broadway. My daughter's group did several from Oklahoma, a few other numbers that I don't know what musical they were from and she was picked to be out with the oldest kids for Lion King. The oldest kids (11th and 12th grade) did an unbelievable set from Phantom. They have some insanely talented kids in that group. Of the 10 seniors, all are going to college, several to major conservatories, many on full scholarships. It's always impressive to listen to the accomplishments of the seniors in addition to all the time they commit to the chorus.
Safe trip Wolf.
Dick, glad you got a good night's sleep.
Vinnie thanks for the breakfast. Have a safe trip home.
George and Jeff - enjoy your gatherings.
I have a wedding this evening and the daughter has the second night of the show.
Hope y'all have a great weekend. Take it easy, don't work to hard, and DON'T FORGET MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow, 'cause if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

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Good morning everyone! Going to be in the mid 80's today and a nice breeze at the moment. Lawns to mow and trucks to wash today as well as some studying for my Insurance license. Hoep everyone has a great day today!

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My thoughts exactly Cath. The fight through the traffic probably isn't worth it at all.
Glad I could help ;) After all, next week is the BIG trip.

Ray - how very exciting about the talented young musicians in your area. I know your daughter is pumped up with the thrill of performing.

Robert - good luck on that course of study. You will do fine with that.

See ya :wavey:
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