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Gotcha! :)

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So glad I got a digital camera with macro mode... :D

This Passion Flower only lasts for 1 day before it closes then falls off. :rolleyes: There's another bloom ready to open as well :)
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Thanks :) gotta give the camera (Canon A70) credit for the detail.

I've had this vine in the house for about 3 years. It'll bloom if it's given lots of attention. Worth it though, even though it's fleeting. The flower is about 5" across and has a wonderful scent. At least I can now pull up the pic when I'm wondering why I fuss with it.

I envy you guys in the south, you could shove this vine in the yard and i'll grow about 10' high and be full of blooms. :)
cath said:
is the passion flower the same as the May Pop? That one sure is fun to stomp on the pod.
Not familiar with the May Pop, but theoretically, this vine should produce a passion fruit , (could stomp on that, I guess) :D
Jay, I'd guess that the flower in the show is 'mythical' - most short blooming flowers will stay open for a full day because they need the bees to do their thing :) Ever wonder why real vanilla extract is so expensive? those vines also have a bloom that only lasts for one day so most of the flowers are hand pollinated to get a decent crop.

Fish, I'm not sure about other names for this plant (I've packed my garden books for the move on Saturday already). I've just got it in a sunny window and if I don't let it dry out and I keep it fertilized it blooms all year long. Don't know how many new buds have fallen off because I forgot to water it - it's a real water hog :)
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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