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Got Our Car Back!

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As you know we bought a 2000 Ford Taurus and have had alot of problems with it since then. Finally got fed up with it and talked to the owner of the car dealership we purchased the car from.
Well he was upset with the way Bitterroot Motors handle the work on the car and called them and put our car under his name and told them to fix it right! They had the car about three weeks and we got it back today!
Seems to run pretty good but time will tell!

This is what was done to the car:

Labor: $1122.00
Pump and Control Asy--Trans O $361.00

Gasket and Oil Seal Kit $ 94.17

Shft Asy-Trans Oil Pmp Drv $ 56.00

Shaft-Trans Turbine $ 84.00

Filter & Seal Asy-Trans oil $ 32.55

Automatic Trans Flu $ 4.00

Strt Asy-Eng Rll Restcr tens $ 34.11

Total Bill: $ 1811.66

Our Cost: $15.00

We had a six year extended warranty on the car!:)
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Sounds like you paid for the extended warranty with just this one repair.
You are right - time will tell.
Good luck.
welcome to owning a ford...... found on road dead, and my personal lavorate...TRASH.....JUNK......FIRE STARTER........

enjoy your Ford johnny
Fire starter is right! My Cougar caught fire on the road earlier this year... lit up in flames when I pulled into a gas station (the heat sensor beeped so I thought I just needed to add water... didn't know the thing was on FIRE!)... by the time the firemen got there the smoke at the gas station was so thick you couldn't see 5 feet in front of you. All I could do was stand there and watch my car go up in flames... and take pictures of course! :)
post them please!!!!! i am telling you as an ex car salesmen..... fire starter... FORDS suck... sry johnny sell it and buy a chevrolet
Too much smoke to get pics of the good stuff... here's a bit:


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Darn Im glad I bought a Dodge Rams Rock!:D
Geez Johnny; you've had such trouble with that car! Does Montana have a "lemon law" just in case this latest round of repairs doesn't fix it?
Hey Alice! We did bring up the issue of the "lemon law" to the dealer and he did not look happy when we mentioned it! Think that is why he had the car put in his name and told Bitterroot Ford to fix it!!;)
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