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Got my unit in, and a new addition

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Finally broke down and hooked up the RO/DI unit from Aquasafe in. It was relativly easy. I say this with a grain of salt however.
First my sink is setup with a huge ancient garbage disposal so I had to mount the unit on the left side. (All goes out of is situated for a right hand mounting.)...Not a big deal. Then puncturing the pipes...big deal. I didn't realize to back the needle off to get water into the unit. And boy did everything leak. However a few tweaks of the wrench and the canister wrench fixed that. (make sure everything is back up to pressure before remounting the unit.)
Also 75 GPD is faster than you would think. I started making water, and flooded the kitchen. (We mowed yesterday), thinking it would take a least an hour or an hour/half to fill a 4 gal bucket. Nope, closer to 30 minutes.

Any ways we got that fixed. and the unit works beautifully.

Saturday, I had to drop my daughter off in Cummings Ga so she could help in her friend's Father's auction business. I stopped by a shop called the "The Pet Place" and while it had no salt at all, it did have a dark orange variant Golden Mantella Frog (One of the painted frogs of madagascar). Which somehow mysteriously got charged to my credit card (as I explained to Lisa), so did a weeks worth of pinhead crickets, the new repti light bulb and fixture. Well Of course since I figured it was already charged to my credit card ( I hope I catch the dirty crook), I figured I might as well take it home. I realize this is a reef board, but the mantella tank is right next to the reef tank.

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Ray are you going to the meeting on tuesday? If so could I hitch a ride with you?
No problem William. It will probably you, me and Justin if he gets off early enough.

ok, just let me know when I need to be at your house!
Probably around 6. Normally we grab supper on the way there. Fast food or something.

Ray, are you sure you have the Aquasafe hooked up right? It takes me 3.5hrs to fill a 5 gallon bucket You might have the flow restrictor valve set to flush the membrane, which would give you a much higher flow rate. Or you could just have 6 times higher water pressure than I do (your sink would be a fire hose tho).
I am guessing if it is set to flush the membrane, that is a bad thing and i should just dump the water and check. It is set up inline with the line. (The flow restrictor).. I will check again.

With the unit backwards in the cabnet, it is hard to check since I can't see inside.

Ray, the flow restrictor should be set up in line with your waste water. It's the last thing before the waste water goes into the drain. Hope you didn't put the waste water into your tank :(

You should have two outputs: one purfied water and one waste water. Check the flow on the waste water to make sure you're getting about 3x the flow of your purified water. If you set the flow restrictor to flush the membrane I think that almost all the water goes out through the waste water line (I could be wrong on this though. Hmmm maybey I should just come over and look.
If you really filled a 4 gallon jug in 1/2 hour you are looking at 192 GPD. You might get that with a boost pump on a 75 GPD RO/DI, but doubt you'd get that from normal household water pressure.

Do you have a TDS tester to check your output?
Naw, getting one. I think I read the directions wrong and have the thing on flushing the memrane.

I was gonna say I want one of those 200, I mean 75 gpd units:D
I discovered that I have a 85 GPH unit. (As oppose to 75 I guess) and according to the instructions I don't have it flusing. (my waste is drilled directly into the waste line). Maybe it took longer to mow the lawn and/or shower than I thought. It sure did seem to fill awful fast. When I have it set to back flush, I get no water from the unit but I can hear water going down the drain.

Also having said that, we have an abnormal amount of water pressure. Ed from Aquasafe says that is fine. I am not sure why so much but we feel the difference when we do the water shortage thing.

The true test is TDS measurement. Bring some water to the meeting and I will bring my TDS meter if you want to know for sure... LMK

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