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Got My Lights Yepee!!!:-)) Great Deal!!

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Yep got them today, I think I got a great deal on them. VHO's SO I will have 360 watts of lighting and I have them on now and they aren't even in a canopy and they tank looks deadly

2 36- Actinic White
1 36- Super Actinic R
2 24- Aqua Sun
2 24- Super Actinic R
1 24- Actinic White

Ice Cap ballest Model 660 and full wiring harness.

300 Canadian

what do you guys think was it a good deal??

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That's a good deal. What's $250 USD eh?
I just converted as of today it cost me 214.87 USD!!!
sounds like a good deal....your corals will love the vho's
Didn't even realise that I got some other things with that. A brandnew powerhead Maxjet MP400, a hydrometer, even though I already had one and 2 clips to hold the lights in place. Not those cheap *** ones either a full one that holds them all in place and is see threw:) So my next question is can I put anything in there now, I want to put in some of those beautiful blue calms. I have on average 5 watts per gallon!!!!!
The reason I upgraded to halides was for the clams. Under PC's the Maxima was struggling. From what I understand, clams require halides.
dermp do not get clams..... if you wanted clams you shoulda upgraded to halides
Ok so yours were not doing good with VHO's, how many watts did you have? I can bring mine up to a total of 440!!

Oh well is there any clams that you can get that need less light? If not I guess I will have to stick with the hard and softies!! I won't be upgrading anymore;-) ya right!!!

I was looking at that DAS aquarium again today. he wants 700 buxs for it now, what a nice tank!!!
Dermp, did you get all those bulbs and one Icecap 660 ballast? It will only have wiring for 4 bulbs max. Hopefully some of the 24" have fixtures to drive them, but they will only be 20 watts
FWIW watts per gallon is not a reliable indicator of what you can keep. Most photosynthic organisms resond to particular wavelengths of light and intensity. Most SPS corals and clams respond better to the PAR and intensity of MH, PC and VHO are Ok for soft coral, LPS, star polyps , shrooms etc. I run 440 VHO on my 75 and I wouldnt risk even a Derasa, I would rather wait to get good light rather than risk the animals health
btw wheres the eyecandy?
Hey guys, Doug I checked and the 24's are 75 watts each and the 36's are 95 watts each. So I have a total of 360 watts, but I guess I won't get a clam:-( Even though the local pet store told me i could, but as always they are trying to make a sale!!! Not sure what you mean mnreefman, eyecandy?
eye candy = pics!!!!
we want pics!!!!!!!!!!!
pics man pics.. post some pics!!! pics of all that gorgeous equipment scattered all over your floor :D

btw: i think that 300 canadian is like 10 bucks american :funny, so yeah, you got a good deal :)
You can keep squamosa clams fairly easily with VHO's.
I had mine under 220w of PC lighting and it did well for a couple of months before I upgraded to halide. Of course they're not as pretty as a maxima (of which I now have 2), but they'll help relieve the clam urge for a little while.
Like others have said, it's not the total wattage of the bulbs, but how intense the light is that comes off of them.
Also with halides you get 'shimmer lines' which are concentrated beams of light due to refraction through the water... something you just can't get with normal PC/VHO bulbs.
Right on guys, thats good to here and the clams, I think the LPS has a squamosa now its green?

I would take some pics but the camera is having problems!! I built my canopy for the lights today!! It looks pretty good, makes the tank look complete. I will post some pics as soon as I get the camera going again. Me and my father inlaw built it out of Oak. Its only square but looks good, fans on both ends too...

Clint I didn't get those Zoo's Friday, I hope to god they are ok:-( Do you think they will be alright for another couple of days. I was told at the LPS that they are very hardy and should make it!! Atleast I hope!!
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