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Well I got my AquaC EV-90 today along with my Mag5. I know I was apose to lay off my tank for a month but I need a skimmer because I sold my Berlin. Well I hooked it up and WHOA!!! I didn't have a skimmer going for about 2 weeks. Man all the gunk, its skimming great and barely fits in my W/D. Got it all hooked up and this morning it was crystal clear water.

I finaly got over my brown algea, now the reds kicking it. I have seen a huge differance with adding R/O water now, also changing my feeding schedual along with my light schedual. But at $1.19 a gallon. It adds up fast. I was only able to get 1g yesterday. The store was sold out. I am thinking of going to those water outlets in front of stores but I have heard bad things about them. What should I look for when I go there ?

Also I am going to me making a canopy this week and adding my lights after I get them re-wired. Also adding a moon light, maybe a MH 10k light. I have a question though on lighting. Is there a such thing as to much light ?

Well back to work...

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