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Good Wendsday Morning

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Wake up everyone where is Cath and Johnny? Have a great day guys:)
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Good Morning Casey and TRT!!

Well I am up and not going to work!! Don't feel real well as I went home at lunch yesterday from work! Don't know if it's all the heat and smoke or the flu. People at work are getting headaches, etc.

We had a very strong wind last night and it knocked out our PC and all the equipment on our tanks! But they came back on within seconds. Thank God for the breakers we have on our tanks!

Don't know if the fires kicked back up or not! Winds are going to be 5-10MPH for the next couple of days so more smoke in the valley!!

My son called me last night and he was driving home from work along the river and counted eight fires and bellowing smoke on the other side of the river!

Well going back to bed soon and everyone enjoy their day!:)
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good morning all from the east coast. hey no rain today here we may have a week that is dry OMG!!
if i could send the wet stuff to you montana i would. stay safe.
mornin casey, johnny and tims!

cath must be sleeping.. better go get her, you know what i'm grabbing on the way :)

johnny i sure do wish those fires would end quickly over there... we can't have you sitting at home playing while the rest of us are hard at work :D

have a great day everyone!
thefatman said:

cath must be sleeping.. better go get her, you know what i'm grabbing on the way :)
OK OK...I'm up already! :p :p

Good mawnin' TRT!!!

Johnny we really are praying for relief for you guys out there. How well I remember Doug telling us about the fires in his area of OR last summer :eek:

OK, guys...let's go get the other BRW outa their sleeping bags.....

cath on the run :)

Lots of love and hugs and peace to TRT!
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I'm up! I'm up! I'm already running out the door - but thought I'd pop in for a quick Good Morning!

Jay, I LOVE your new sig!
good morning. we were on our way to an auction this morning at 6:30- untill i looked at the truck clock 7:30. the wife set the alarm wrong, so we turned around and came home. of course the wife found a way to blame me for it.
they will always find a way to blame us :D :funny:

i can think of five reasons easily..

1. it was your fault, because you failed to ask her to double check the alarm to be sure she set it right. was your fault, because when you bought that alarm, you bought one that she didn't want in the first place. was your fault, because you should have checked the alarm yourself, if you wanted up at a certain time was your fault, because the alarm is too hard to set, which by the way, is the one you picked out to begin with. was your fault, because you are the husbdand, and it's always the husbands fault

:D :funny: :D
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Duhhhhhhh!!!!!!! :D

God must be a man because just as I hit "post", I knocked my coffee over. Its all HIS fault!!!!!:D
good morning everyone...promises to be a hot dry day in central In...supposed to be in the 90's before it's done...

talked to a guy yesterday who will trade me a velocity t-4 pump for a co2 tank I had sitting I have to decide whether to use it as a CLS or the return.....

hope everyone has a great day...

Good Morning everyone, hope the day finds you all happy and well.
Johnny, hope the rumored cold front passes thru and gives the firefighters a break. Those of you who have been spared going thru this ordeal, thank your lucky stars. Even if you are no where near the fire its self the air quality is impacted for a huge area around it. Its no fun, I am glad we have been spared here so far.
Bob, options are always good, if its a high volume pump closed loops are always nice, compared to 1000+ gph screaming thru a sump :)
Home inspection for me today...

For those that don't know the story, the builder that was building our house changed the floor plan on us, so we got our money back for breach of contract and have been house hunting again. Anyways, my wife and I found a really nice Cape style home with a HUGE barn in the backyard. The barn is about 30 feet x 20 feet and is heated and air conditioned. Right next to the barn is a great area for an inground pool. SO....... the plan is to build the barn into a pool house where I will have all my fish tanks... :)

We are having the house inspected today and hopefully will be settling on the house Oct. 22nd.

Wish us luck...
And when you get your place Buzz, all TRT'ers will be welcomed at any time, to party and enjoy your awesome reef tanks of which will be many and very large! I'm as excited as you guys!!:beer:
buzz, you should seriously consider turning the inground pool into a reef tank... imagine swimming with your fishes :D

good luck with the new place!
thefatman said:
... imagine swimming with your fishes :D

Normally, this is not considered a good thing... but we'll make an exception for Buzz! :lol:
well, as long as there aren't many italians in yardley, pa :D
HAHAHA..... thanks guys.... The inspections went well and the house passed with flying colors... So it looks like we'll still be buying the house...

As soon as I can get the barn setup for the pool/fish house and the pool ready, I'll be sending out the invites... Of course the party will be BYOF (Bring Your Own Frag)... :)
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