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Good Sunday Mornin', TRTers!

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I couldn't find a morning thread to respond to so I'll start one. Good morning from down south in Georgia!!!! I spent all day cleaning my tank yesterday and today I'll sit back and enjoy it.

Tom, you need to move that great pic to this thread so everyone can see it.

Have a good one, everybody.
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G'morning. I'm off to the hospital for another loooong day/night/day. Andy's picked up a sinus infection (we think), and neither of us slept well at all. He gets to sleep all day, though... :rolleyes:

Anyway, have a great day, and I'll try to check in.
Good Mawnin' TRT!!!

Nice to see you ladies, this AM. Ughhhh on your long schedule there, Danielle. And yuck for Andy and sinus infection. Sleep really is the best way to get away from that :D

Nicole, I sent Tom a PM to put that picture in today's wake up. That's a guddun.

Getting ready for church...

Lots of love and hugs and Peace to everyone.

cath looking for the weekend wake-up helpers...hehehehe
good morning ladies from central Indiana...gonna be another beeyuuutiful day in the midwest...

Nicole, I sure miss Ga...haven't beeen home in ages...

getting ready to go to work then enjoy a day off tomorrow...

Danielle, I feel for ya on the old bones can't take those much longer...

everyone have a great day...

Mornin' All ! Happy Sunday to everyone!:)
Reporting in from Cheesehead country, all is well. Got my Mother moved into her new apartment yesterday. Today is water change for my 90g, mow lawn, and most important enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

Peace to all,


ps. Pause for a moment to think about what matters most in your life...........
Good advice Homer! Today marks week #17 in the pregnancy....almost halfway done :). Things are going well with me and baby. I'm starting to "show" quite a bit more now which is fun.

Jon and I are going to venture over to the Mall of America today...should be interesting since we both hate shopping. It's a fun place to go to though. Too bad I can't ride the roller coaster.

I added a few more smilies last night. Some of these you might recognize. :nuts: :thumbup: :worm:

When you reply to a post, click on "get more" to see all the smilie options. :)

Have a great day everyone. Here's one of the better pics I took last night at the TCMAS meeting. This is Bill Capmans tank at Augsburg College.

Have a great day all!!
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Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a super sunday! What pic from Tom is everyone talking about?
mornin mornin from the midwest!

looks like i might have to go and help my boss build a walk-in cooler today for a chinese restaraunt. wonderful, just how i was hoping to spend my day OFF :rolleyes:

oh well, it's overtime, and he's paying me cash.. doesnt want his wife getting mad at him for having me work overtime :D (she does his accounting) lol

anyway, guess i better eat some breakfast, and get ready, have a great day everyone!

Good Morning Everyone!

WOW! Alot of people beat me out of bed this morning!! It was nearly 8 o'clock before I stumbled out!:eek:

Only going to be 79 degrees today but wait it is 73 degrees right now at 8:33AM!! Well we are suppose to get thunderstorms this afternoon so we will see! Sure would cool things down!

Thought I would add some color this morning!:)


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morning...1125 and i just rolled outa i am going to go help my grandmother clean her attic
Well here you guys go, the fish picture from yesterday as requested! I went today in the sound but it was another bad day for almost everyone out there :( Good mornin everyone
LAte morning all :) Wow on the fish, makes me hungry, yummmmmmmmmmm
Hope everyones had a good day,TTYL :)
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