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I have some good stuff for sale:

1. IceCap 430 ballast, heat sink, full wiring harness w/ end caps and mounting brackets (all wired up) - $120 + shipping
2. 6 New URI 3' - 95 W VHO fluorescent bulbs: 5 - Actinic/White and 1 Actinic - $100+ shipping
3. PM 426 skimmer w/ waste collector and Kent venturi upgrade - $130 + shipping

Please feel free to make an offer. If you are interested, please reply to this message or send me an email or PM.




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what kind of pump did you run that pm skimmer on?

do you need money asap? payday is next week, and i am interested in buying your skimmer if you can hold it a week.

let me know.
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