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Good Plant / Bad Plant?

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Does Anyone know what type plant this is? I have looked around and cannot seem to dig any thing up. It came in on the live rock and has took over this specific rock, and is starting to take over propogate to other rocks in the tank. From a viewer standpoint I don't really mind it and think it looks ok, but I also would want to stop somthing now if I knew it was gonna harm the tank. I plan on making the tank a mini reef (as money and time permit) right now it only has 2 fish and and some snails.

65 Tall
40lb live rock
Just finished cycling about 2 weeks ago.

here is a pic of the plant: pix/8.10.03/Aquarium/Plant Pic2.jpg

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i cant say what that is growing but man this has gotta be the biggest post ive ever seen!:eek:
without a close up of's hard to tell, but it almost looks like aptasia...not a good thing. Could you possibly get a close up shot of the rock? Some of us have bad eyes LOL
larger plant pix

I posted 3 more pics of the plants located at this link (warning kinda big pix)

Just looked at some aptasia pix, I am pretty sure that it isn't that. Unless these guys can look alot like plants. I am pretty sure it is sometype of plant. It is pretyt leafy. Try looking at the new pix if possible, make it a little clearer.

humm some kinda plant:)
Looks like what we used to call Dictyota cervicornis, but it's getting a name change right now.
Either way, says your rocks came from a "dirty" environment and it's a bad one in the sense that it can take over.

Very small emerald (green) crabs can be used to control it.
You may want to take the rock out and scrub the stuff off, then get an emeralld crab to make sure it is gone.

Don't have an ID for ya, but the stuff comes on a lot of cultured rock. Grows like wild fire in good water and likes to spread. I had some come in on a shipment of rock I kept in a 30 gal. It'd loves NO lights. I'd do some weeding. You don't find much that will touch it for food.
lol see I told you I was blind.

btw, no plants in ocean..they are corals... I think that's why Casey went hummmmm

It's all a part of the learning thing

Is Kelp not a plant?
Kelp is a plant not a coral:p
yeah was confused by the "btw, no plants in ocean..they are corals... " comment. I will try and do some more research on it tonight if I can. I am almost certain it is some type of plant or weird algae or somthing. I just ordered a small army of Emerald Crabs though, so I will take you guys advice and do some weed eating and then let the crab army take over.

sorry....I'll go back to my corner

BUT not for long LOL
no prob Lise since your a member of the brw crowd I will let ya slide.;):D
LOL Casey...OH OH...OH OH I'm trying to stop, but I just can't HERE COME
I'm trying not to...but...but
:banana: :banana: :banana:
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I had more of 'em but got a message stating it was too many Now I am limited to banana's What's next?LOL
yea bananas arnt they cool:D :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:


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