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Good *onday morning

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Good morning TRT! We just got back in town from MACNA a couple of hours ago and have been acclimating our new corals and fish. We had a great time! We will soon be posting pictures of the two black percula clowns that we picked up, as well as the corals that we purchased. Special thanks to Jeremy for doing a great job of watching our house while we were gone. I am sorry about that squirrel incident. You really can't do much to prevent things like that from happening with a young puppy. I hope you are not too traumatized from that. I would stuff the thing, but it is missing a critical part and would not make a very good show piece on the mantal.:funny:

Thankfully I am off of work this *onday to recover from the weekend. There are a lot of hard core partiers in this hobby! I feel sorry for Danielle since she will be going in for her clinical rotations early tomorrow morning.:(

Have a great day!

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Good *onday morning all fellow TRTers!!!!

Not much going on here today 'cept taking 5yo in for shots. Im looking foreward to that as much as he is :(

But the good news is that tomorrow is Tues! And that means ARC meeting, and that means new stuff!!! Yeah!!!!

Have a safe day and dont forget to tell someone how much you love them.;)
mornin folks. i so dont want to go in to work today :(

thenew stand and tank are finally inside and the southdown is in both the display and fuge. but i still need to finish wiring up the lights again. i might try and get the water started today after work, but that's a maybe. fish can hang out in the rubbermaid hotel for a few more days.

andy, good to hear you and danielle had a good time. we kept a good eye on jeremy. he did not have any parties. only a few get to-gethers. (hey you didnt say anything about get-togethers)

oh nicole, i hate taking asia in for shots... i pity you and the little one today. on the other hand, new stuff tommorrow will make hte pain go away :) for you anyway :funny:

have a great day everyone
Gooooood Mawnin' Andy and Nicole and TRT!!!

Partiers?? In this group?? Nawwwww... If Tom and Mike were there, I have an idea what you mean :beer: :beer: :beer:

Uh oh...I missed that bit about the squirrel. What thread carried that one?

It's cool with a nice breeze again this morning. What a nice way to start out the week.

We start our new season of film discussions tonight. Up for discussion is Adaptation with Nicholas Cage. Really interesting film.

Good reminder for expressing love, Nicole. We all need to do that more often.

Here's a start...... I love you all and wish you peace and today.
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good morning all, nice and cool around here today. i just hope evryone shows up in the lab today. i hate doing 3 jobs at once.

OUCH, Jay! we smashed into each other again today ;)
Mornin' All! one week of vacation left fer me here, first thing (after coffee) is ta unload the stuff in my truck brought back for the car show swap meet , i went to yesterday,,,talked myself into leaving it til today,,,
everyone have a good day,,:)
A happy day to you one and all. Remember this is the next day in your life, enjoy it because it means you have one less to live.

Homer said:
A happy day to you one and all. Remember this is the next day in your life, enjoy it because it means you have one less to live.

As if Monday in and of it's self isin't depressing enough, thanks for sharing that cheery message ;)
Happy *onday everyone!!

It's a beautiful day in Minnesota. The Vikings beat the Packers I get to have fun giving the Packer fans a hard time here at work.....

And to the Packer fans here........BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

:blob: :blob: :banana: :lol: :banana: :blob: :blob:
Looks to be an apprehensive day today!!!

Oh yeah vikings beating the packers :rolleyes: like there are not more important things to do!
Good morning to you all! Beginning to another long week. Can I retire yet? Or maybe I should go to FL and try to win that one billion dollars Drew Carey is giving away on tv. :)

As for the squirrel... since many of you don't know. I was taking care of the Smith's place while they were gone. Well, when I got there Friday after work, Sasha was running around the yard with a dead headless squirrel in her mouth. She did not want to put it down, but I finally managed to get it out of her mouth. :) So the start of puppy sitting began with corpse disposal. :lol:

I wasn't tramatized at all...all in a days work when you have grown up around animals. I'm just sad I couldn't get there before they killed the poor little critter.
Monday is such a lovely day!!!!!:) I feel great today because I don't have to work on this lovely day like some others. The joys of a 2 on 2 off shift. But I today began the cleaning process on my new tank and by late next week might get it done. The suns out and its looking to be a nice day so I am sure I will enjoy the day and I hope all of you do also.
Even when I don't have to work, *onday is still *onday. Getting the kids up and moving is always a chore after the weekend. The excitement of last week, the first week back, has already grown a little thin for them ;)

Cool and cloudy here today and it rained like the dickens last night! More rain in an hour than we'd seen total since we've moved here.

Andy, you could have mounted the headless squirrel and saved it for a Halloween decoration :D

Here's to a good week all!

eek it is monday and I am late :(
Hehe. I figured I would let Jeremy explain the squirrel thing since he was an active participant in the ordeal. I was watching Sasha play in the yard this morning and saw her take off sprinting across the yard. She caught a mouse and I had to chase her around the yard for a few minutes again. I threw it on the growing pile of dead wildlife that is sitting by my garage. In the past week she has captured 3 mice and a squirrel. She is quite the little hunter! I might have to get her a sheep or a goat that she can herd around the yard so she will leave the other wildlife alone. I think Danielle will veto that idea though.:)
*onday is here...yeah good things...The Falcons and The Steelers won their games. I saw the viking game too...That was a whupping not a win. I did notice that Brett Favre had a couple of new recievers. To bad he didn't nitice they were in viking uniforms.

ahh dont ya just loving leaving owrk after only an a few hours :D

too bad it's when the school calls to let you know they have a gift for you....lice.. :angry:

i NEVER had lice as a child, stil have never had it now. but asia.. first week at the new school last year, she had it. this ear it's only the second week of school, and she's got it again.

i wish everyone took care of thier kids heads like i do. then we wouldn't have this problem :rolleyes:

i picked up some rid, and her hair is treating right now. i only saw 2 or 3 actual lice and maybe 10 or 12 nits. not much at all, so it's not something that's been there long. but long enough for the first few to hatch. i guess it only takes 10 days.

oh well. i got the rid shampoo (two bottles since her hair is so long). the nit comb out gel. and spray for the the furniture. i hate bugs. specially in my kids head :angry: oh well, i guess most parents go through it at some point or another.

other than that, i guess i'll enjoy the day off and get my lights wired in and possibly start mixing some salt water :)
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Oh man....that sucks, Jay....

Poor Asia!!

One of my greatest fears is Mikayla getting lice. Her hair is so thick and long, that we'd probably have to give her a buzz cut to get rid of them....

Give her a hug for me.

Head lice suck!!! They were rampant in Portland Public Schools and I got mighty tired of having to use vacation or sick days to treat all the kids heads and "do" the whole house, cars, etc. At one point, after the third infestation in a year, I refused to take my kids back to school until all their classrooms had been double checked.

We then had several blissful lice-free years, mostly because I checked their heads every week and wore out the lice comb "just in case." When did they get it again? Right when we were moving! Aaargh. Me, being the responsible parent I am, went to tell the mother of my daughter's friend who lived across the street, that our kids had lice and she had better check her daughter's head, as my daughter had spent the night over there a couple of times. The other mother says "Oh, we've been dealing with that for weeks." I could have strangled her!!!

Jay, combing and picking the nits are your best bet against re-infestation. Use a hairdryer too, to help kill the eggs. The shampoos are effective for killing active lice but they can be very toxic to some children. There's a ton of info on the net if you do a search.

Good Luck!
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