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Good Morning Tuesday!!

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Good Morning Everyone!

Coffee is in lobby.

Have a great day!
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Good Morning Everyone!
Good Morning Everyone !!
Yesterday morning was a great Monday . My sewer drain in the basement decided to clog on Sunday night . My 2 oldest kids came home late and both took showers . The water backed up the drain and up and out my kitchen sink . It flooded the counters, down on the floor (by the way I stepped in the water at 5:30 am .)The water was all over the floor . I was perplexed on how all the water was everywhere . I cleaned everything up and about 6:30 my youngest son took his shower before school .I came in from the garage and YUP the kitchen sink was over flowing again . I plunged and plunged . I had to bucket the water and throw it out the kitchen window .He shut it off . I cleaned up and my wife said "Did you go down the basement ":eek:
I went down the basement and the ceiling tiles were on the floor . There was water shooting out the drain like a lawn sprinkler . Apparently that is not "pressure" sealed and had holes in it . I grabbed a roll of duct tape and started taping . I was covered with stinky water and wet feet . There was water everywhere . I even had water in the silverware drawer .:mad:
This was all before 7am . Needless to say I had a GREAT day yesterday .
How ya like that for a *onday !!
Well coffee is on and DD doughnuts are on the table in the dinning room . All the cabinets are empty and pots and pans and everything are spread out on the kitchen floor .
I hate *onday's :angry:
Make it a Good day . Rain again today . Booo
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Good Toozday morning Vince and Sndwave - - all of TRT - - coffee is on here too plus some danish, didn't have time for anything else, to Florida in the morning, hope everyone has a great Toozday and remainder of the week! Hi Cath and Patrick!

Oh sorry Hi Bio!
Morning all! Thanks for the coffee Vin and the breakfast HHC.Sorry Buo can't think of eatting your breakfastOh I know what you bin tru!Hope you feel better about today!Were you able to unclog it yourself?Have A Great Day All! Rain here again today too!:(
Good mawnin', Vinnie, Sndwave, Tom, HHC, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee, doughtnuts, and Danish spread, Vinnie, Tom, and HHC.

Ommigod, Tom :eek: - Your *onday wins the prize for disasters. Ewwww! Mighty nice of you to set out some breakfast for us today.

HHC - have a great trip!

Hi, Patrick :wavey:

Besides today's birthday, I posted a belated one yesterday Please go check them out and help celebrate.

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.
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Hi, George :)
Morning Everyone!
Running a little behind this am. Wow Tom that is a pretty miserable Monday. You didn't spell out Monday instead of *onday yesterday did you? That curse is a powerful thing.
Gotta run. I have to give my trauma presentation today. Then a little ACLS practice and home early while the bigger half of the class re-takes the ITLS test.
Y'all have a great one!
Good Morning, Vince, Sndwave, HHC, Tom, George, Cath, Ray, & All! :)

60's and scattered April showers again today.

Oh, Tom, what a mess!! That's a major cleanup/disinfect job. :mad:

Dogwoods are in full bloom and so are the various Dogwood festivals and events. Here's just one blossom.

Have a Terrific Tuesday, Everyone!

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Morning everyone.

Ray you are working pretty dang hard on your education.

I have the pool stuff for Advanced Open Water Diving tonight then a couple of days in New Mexico this weekend.

Have a great Tuesday.
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