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Good Morning, Thursday.......

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Getting closer to the weekend and sure enough, it's looking like rain again... What the heck is going on with all this rain?

Good news, sold my Eheim 2128 and driftwood from my freshwater setup. Picking up a 250 Watt MH kit with 10,000K Ushio bulb and PFO pendant. Can't wait to get that bugger sitting over my 30 gallon.

Anyways, this is one of the rare occasions where I'm up before 10am so I figured I'd get the jump on things here....
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You betcha, Buzz! congrats on the sale of your Eheim!

Good Mawnin' Buzz, and all of TRT!

Gotta rush to my Civitan meeting. See y'all later :)

Love and hugs to everyone.
Good morning everyone. The rain is supposed to stop today and stay away for several days. An article in todays paper says that Atlanta anually gets more rain than Seattle.:(

Everyone have a great day.:)
Good Morning TRT!
Morning Buzz, Cath, Rick O, Grazhopr...and all of TRT land! Don't know the weather forcast, so don't know for sure what is to happen. :) But, off to work for me..
Good morning everyone. One more day until Friday. Part of my salt shippment is coming today and I have some really cool neon green and neon orange zooanthids coming tomorrow along with the rest of my salt. Hope everyone has a great day.

Mornin All! two midders down , three to go!
got our rain last evening,,,hope to get the kennels cleaned today, and mebbe the Shepherds bathed also, been wanting to do that fer a couple days,,
everyone have a GREAT DAY!:)
Morining All!

Looking forward to the weekend, I am going fishing on Sunday if the rain holds off. My wife gets her eyes zapped (Lasik) tommorrow, so I will be driving her around this weekend. Have a great day....
Good morning! I'm heading to a water-garden specialty shop this morning to pick up some water plants and ask a bunch of questions, (and might swing by the LFS out there...) It's only 71, but muggy, so maybe we'll have some storms. Nothin' on the radar, though.

Have a great day,
mornin all.

we had rain all night and this morning, but has stopepd now, and its supposed to be 84 by noon and sunshine :dance:

yesterday turned out to be pretty descent even with the rain in the morning. i got both tents setup and inspected. have a 3 inch hole that i need to sew in the side of my tent. someone borrowed it while i was on vacation last year and apparntly ripped a hole in it. but no one fesses up. :rolleyes: asia's tent was fine. got the scren room setup. then i was feeling really ambitious, and went ot pick up 600 pounds of sand, to lay under my pool. was so worked up with the sunshine, that i got it spread, leveled, and even got the pool up and filled :) hopefully it will be warm by time we get back from camping.

even had enough time at the end of the day to do my anual headshaving :) (i shave it bald every june-october, with a bic :D )

today my bulkheads will be here, ups website says they are on the delivery truck :dance: so when those get here i'm making a mad dash for lowes to get the rest of my plumbing :D

have a great day everyone!!
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Good Morning Everyone...

My weekend is already over, so I'll go back to work tonight....still got some honey-do to finish before work...
supposed to rain this afternoon...should be good for business tonight.

hope everyone has a grrreat day!!!

Rick O said:
An article in todays paper says that Atlanta anually gets more rain than Seattle.:(
:eek: That has to be just average rainfall, not the average amount of rainy days. Up here in the NW we get alot of grey, overcast days where it just drizzles, instead of the hard pouring rain much of the rest of the country sees.

Jay, you shaved your head with a Bic? I hope you meant the razor, not the lighter! ;) :D

Almost Friday, yeah! This is my last Friday on the job, just have M-W next week and then I am sooooo outta there :dance:

Enjoy the day, everyone!

Well gang Im back to work today. I am so Glad I have been goin bonkers just sitting around. Hope ya all have a good day

Alright Jay...... let's see that chrome dome ya got going on there..... :funny:
good one alice :funny:

buzz, i'll post a pic for ya. but it's not chrome yet... i'm smart about it. i grow hair all winter, then go bald all summer. but if yo ushave right away, you get the chrome dome. but i always take it down with clippers, with no attachment. leaves abotu 1/16th inch of hair. then i go two days in the sun, THEN shave it off :)

so, by tommorrow it'll be a bronze dome... i know, it jsut doesnt have the same ring to it lol
Got a quick one. I get up at 4:30am every day, and want to look at my tank. So I set the mh and pc to come on at that time. Then, because I was having some heat problems, the mh went off at 11:00am and back on at 2:00pm, then off at 6:00pm, and the pc off at 9:00pm. This is all mostly so I could look at it. Does anyone think it's deleterious to my tank?
It's prob best to keep the tank on a normal type of lighting schedule...
I don't have a chrome dome but Jay would be proud since he is a member of the "J" crowd!:D
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OMG!!!!! Please don't post pictures like that in the morning thread.... People will think they are still in a nightmare.... :funny:
would you rather se pics of Jeff (stang)

i'm starting to realize what the j crowd has in common, we're all jsut a little bit off, and jsut a little bit scarey looking :D

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