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Good Morning Sunday!

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Wake up sleepy heads...I can't believe there's no good morning thread yet!

Time for some coffee and ESPN. There's a dog show at the fairgrounds today that Mikayla wants to go to.

Have a great Sunday!

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Good morning!

Is Mikayla a dog, a husband, or a kid? (Or all three? :funny: )
Mikayla is my daughter (9 years old)....she really wants a dog, but we live in an apartment and the landlords won't let us have she has to live vicariously...

Hi Mikayla :wavey:
Hi Mikayla Heres Buddy For ya:D


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Oh Casey he is so sweet
Good Morning Jodi and the rest of ya!!

Today is NFL football so time to pull up your favorite chair and grab a cold one and a snack and hopefully your favorite team will win!

ARE YA READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!:banana: :banana: :lol: :banana: :banana:

May all of you have a very nice Sunday and give cath a hug when she gets back!!

Morning all, Just stopped in work for a bit because the shop is running making casting for Harley- Davidson. Those are my parts so I better check on how things are going. Then its off to Walmart to order some sunglasses, which is ironic, it hasn't rained here for over a month until yesterday and today. Now that we haven't seen the sun for three days, I need shades.

Ok, since we're showing is our pooch....last winter on our pond......


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Tred lightly!:D

Nice doggey and big POND!!:eek:
Wow...your dog must be really special...he is walking on water! heh heh

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. Me..I need to find a dentist..I think the top of one of my wisdom teeth fell, time to get the tooth pulled. It hurts. :(
Ow! And I thought I was in pain!

Actually, I'm just achy - I finished the regional MS150 bike tour, and not only did I do the entire thing, I took the extra loop to make the first day a "century." It's the first century I've ever done, and I'm pretty darn proud I could do it. (And still ride the day after!)

And now, I'm sunburnt and achy - and really really tired. But I did it, and raised almost $1200 for the cause. :)

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