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Good Morning......EVERYONE WAKE UP!

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/me throws empty beer keg out 3rd story window of the TRT chat room! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO WAKE UP YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup its after midnight technically morning, and me, Buzz, seamonkey, Jimmer, and ReeferAddict are all still hard at it in the chatroom!

So, NOBODY GETS ANY that...we aren't playing with pinchers and ice cubes here....its loud bass music, horns honking, and the occassional rebel yell YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWW

Now get up, and call the police to tell us to keep it down, or we will just keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay guys... I'm here... brought a keg of 7-Up with me...
/me dodges flying beer bottles.
/me stumbles off the front porch and yaks in the yard. Why am I covered in glass?

Okay... I think I can help now. :D

Just follow the instructions located here
except when it tells you to enter the server information, enter: as the server.
For some reason the normal hub doesn't like Macs (like most of the computing world ;) ) so it gives a connection error.
I'm not a normal ShadowIRC user (I use ircle under OSX) so I hope that helps a bit. :)

Hurry in, before we drink all the :beer:
Don't give up yet! The parties hoppin! :D
How far are you getting mnreefman?
Maybe I can help you where you're stuck
hrm... it might be that the server you entered way back when was still the server. Try going into the preferences and editing the 'reeftank' connection you made and change the server to the one I mentioned. The rest of the instructions should work like they're written.
Hrm... I wish I could help more...
ShadowIRC was EOL'd a long time ago... but it's still the only 'freeware' classic MacOS client.
I use ircle, but there's a ton of free chat clients that work under OSX.
Well, maybe you should try creating a new connection in the connections tab and follow the chat instructions to recreate it... maybe that'll work.
Toast to Alice :beer:
Heheh... I just get back from the lake and find out that I'm the one responsible??? ;)
Okay... see if I ever party with you guys again... :p
I learned not to argue politics with Dave after he's sucked down half a keg... :D
And yes, being a Mac user is a virtue... after all, somebody has to come up with the ideas for MicroSoft to copy... :funny:
Was a great party... though I came by after Tiffany had left... I guess she doesn't like clams after all :funny:
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