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Good fish and inverts for 12g!

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My friend has a 12g that everything has died in but i'm going to help him revive it! He doesn't have good lighting! Not enough for most corals. What are some kool fish and inverts that could coexist in that enviorment! Thanks

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I would think about something like a small goby to start. My son has a 10 gal with corals and a redheaded goby that is doing really really well.
Good idea! Gobies are my favorite types of fish! I love how they move! If he gets a bottom dwelling goby than is a 12g big enough to get a mid water fish and some cleaner shrimps!

Rick, what substrate and how deep does a pistol shrimp and goby need? Have you ever encountered any problems with either? And what kind of goby would work best! Thanks!
I don't have one but a friend does. I'll ask her and let you know.
hey i got a 12g also. what type of pistol shrimp and goby would be good? thanks for the help.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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