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going to make my own refugium HELP ME MAKE IT!!

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So guys I think that I am going to make my own refugium!! Can some give me some very simple instructions on how to make it. I am not drilling my tank and I guess in the hose that's going to the refugium I will drill a hole incase of a power outage. I have my tank on my hardwood floor so I don't want anything spilling. My thoughts were maybe a 5 gallon layed into a ten gallon or a rubbermaid container? Incase it spills over. What materials do i need and what should I put in there? I was thinking about some live rock I have rock in my tank that is covered with bristle worms at night. INPUT PLEASE!!

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If your not going to drill use a 3100 Rio powerhead. I know most frown against this but the mag drive may rust if fully submerssed. Other than that just experiment until you find something that works. One thing about this hobby is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. There are no absolutes. I think your idea of a 10g submerssed into a larger tank is a good start. Another idea would be to use a 20g long. Get a couple of those small plastic rodent containers. You know, the ones with the ventilated top? Place one at each end of the 20g. One would serve as the area that the water from your overflow comes in, and in the other, you would place your return pump. In between the boxes you could put your mud and caulerpa. The boxes would serve as a means of protecting your pump from detritus, and the other box would allow for a water break so that it isn't constantly stirring up matter. Not the most desirable method, but it would work.
Just going by experience. Mag drive professes to use stainless steal screws, however, I had one for about 6 months and the screws began to rust. Just my experience as using them as an internal return pump.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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