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Going on Vacation next week

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I will be gone on vacation next week and I have my cousin watching my tank and house for me. Last time he watched my tank the skimmer sprang a slow leak and he replaced almost all the water with fresh water killing everything in the tank. This was partly my fault for not telling him what to do in case something like this happens, and partly his fault for not calling me. Well blood is thicker than water, but this time I need a back up plan.

I was hoping I could get a couple of emergency phone#s from a few of you. I live in McDonough, which is about 10-15 miles south of I-285 on I-75. I will make it worth your while if he has an emergency and he needs your help and you need to come to my house to assist him.

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Robbie you know you can allways give him my phone number --- 478-945-2240 --- I'll be glad to make the drive and helpout if anything goes wrong. Tell him I get home from work at 4:00 pm.

And don't worry I won't swipe too many of thoses awesome zoos in payment if I have to make an emergency drive. :D
Great, thanks Charles. I sent you a pm earlier, see what you think.
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