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When I was a kid, my mom kept goldfish and mollies from time to time in a 20 gal and a 10 gal. I didn't keep fish, just tadpoles I caught from the local pond and released once they got legs then I graduated to keeping some of the mollie babies in my 10 gal tank. I learned some valuable lessons during this phase.

1. Goldfish and Mollies like popcorn (back then it was the Jiffy Pop type). And will continue to eat it no matter how much you toss in.
2. If you feed your goldfish and Mollies popcorn the night before, odds are you have dead goldfish and mollies, and your mom will not allow you to have anymore fish, so you are left with a tank, your little bubble diver (that has an airpump), and gravel on top of a UGF.
3. If you order seahorses from the back of a comic book, they aren't really freshwater animals (contrary to the coupon) and they don't last very long in water that has been sitting in a tank, with green algaes, a little bubble diver, gravel and a UGF.
4. If you don't know what you are doing, you really shouldn't order fish or seahorses from the back of a comic book. And Sea monkeys will not live in said tank. (I guess they make instructions for a reason).
5. If you find a pond snail in a ditch and put them in an algae filled tank. You have millions of them in a very short period of time but at least you can refill the rainwater ditches.
6. If you catch a water snake on a pond while fishing, they don't like fish tanks with stagnant water, and a million pond snail and will subsequently drown.

Well I finally got disquisted with the whole affair, and turned the 20 gallon into a terrarium. (Back Yard Dirt and gravel as substrate) with some various seeds thrown in. (ie orange seeds from an orange I ate, apple seeds, plum pit, etc). Through failure and stubborness, I finally got some plants to grow in that enviroment. I couldn't begin to tell you what they were but they were green.

Now Zoom ahead from 14 years old to 27 years old.
I see some tadpoles in a walmart and I buy them, break out one of the 10 gal tanks and rear them. I get bored and decide I want something else...snakes.
I bought a ball python and for 2-3 years he does fine in the 20 gal. I buy an Iguana so between the two I have 2 or 3 tanks set aside as cleaning/holding/feeding tanks. I get married when I am 30 to my current wife, and she doesn't care for reptiles much, in fact not at all. So I sell my ball python and the iguana gets loose in the move from Charleston to Lake City to Atlanta, and to this day I have no clue where he went. And all of the tanks go into storage.

A couple of years ago, my step son gets a pair of tadpoles for Christmas ( acoupon to get two really), so I help him and we rear the tadpoles to frogdom (hmm that is what got me into trouble years ago) Then, my wife comes home with a new prize...two of these brand new mini bow tanks (5 gal type). (Here is another circle, you will see). She decides she wants to keep fish, (since we had fun with the tadpoles boy this sounds so familier)but since her and I would disagree on fish, she bought two.
I play it smart and get two African Dwarf Frogs and some swordtails (on sale that week at walmart). She buys about 5 neon tetras, 3 lemon tetras, a pl#co, and I think 3 mollies. Oh yeah she bought sword plants for both tanks since the salesman told her with live plants she could fit more fish in a tank. Needless to say, most of the fish didn't last the first cycle. So she buys a 10 gallon kit. By this time I remember I have the tanks in storage, so I break out a 10 gal to buy a butterfly fish, the 20 gallon so I can buy a puffer, and lisa wanted just a tank for mollies, so she nabbed the other 10 gallon. Then she wanted cichlids, and I "needed another brackish wate setup for my puffer. So we bought a 29 gal kit and a 20 gal kit. Well right about then, Petco (2-3 years ago) had a dollar a gallon sale on tanks. We bought a 40 gal breeder, and another 29 gal. These two became saltwater setups with live rock and fish only at the time. By this time, we had better than 15-20 tanks going. I had the 20 gal long Brackish/marine setup with a bumblebee goby and 3 dwarf puffers, an African congo river setup in a 20 gal with my Butterfly fish pair (mated pair) and some kuhlie loaches (snail control), planted with anubas, my 40 gal Saltwater setup, My Guppy Setup for breeding in a 20 gal. Lisa had a 10 gal dwarf frog tank/bettta, a 20 gal ciclid tank, her 29g reef tank, a gorgeous 29 gal Amazon Backwater tank, a 15 gal cory tank, a 5 gal betta tank, and my son had a 5 gal saltwater tank with a crab, a 10 gal planted tank, a 10 gal molly tank...I can't remember them all at one time. Bunch of lessons learned this time.

1. Make sure you and your spouse can agree on what is a suitable number of tanks and/or equipment you can buy without taking out a second mortage.
2. Make sure you understand what you are doing BEFORE you do it.
3. Don't always trust the Fish Store guy. Read a bit first.
4. Number 2 includes cycling a tank, water changes, what fish eats other fishes..etc.
5. Most of all, get rid of the Tadpole equipment.

Anyways back to the post.
Well over the last two years, after selling a lot of the fish off to buy corals and equipment, we are down to 2 reef tanks, 1 seahorse tank, 1 planted tank, 1 nano reef tank, 1 nano planted tank, 1 dart frog vivaria, and one Fish only with Live Rock and Crab tank. I mentioned the full Circle Part right...Well last night, after looking at all of the tanks that we have went through, I took the bow tanks and made a terrerium and now have my 10 gal tanks for rearing tadpoles now for my Madasgarian Dart Frogs. Hmm..Now I am rearing tadpoles again, and I have to think that vicious cycle is starting again, but what next.......
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