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G'Mornin Thursday

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Hey all, it's morning. ;) Been up since 4:30, and with these hours, it's pretty clear why I haven't been around much. Life is crazy, and there's no weekend in sight for me- which means that you guys have to have a great holiday weekend. (And don't do anything stupid to get yourself admitted to any inpatient services! I've got enough to do as it is! :funny: )

Have a great Thursday, happy end-of-week to some, and enjoy it for me!

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Morning everyone... Another full day for me... but poor poor Danielle.. I saw her last night, and she looked exhausted. Maybe she can fall asleep on a bed at work and no one will notice. ;)
Good Morning TRT!

Danielle we love you for what you do and get some rest if possible!;)

Well going fishing today on my turning 56yrs young and hanging out with Pat. Got to call my twin as I think he turned 56yrs young as well!:rolleyes: But I am 5 minutes older than he is!:D

Everyone have a great day and hope you all have great plans for the weekend! Spend it with family if you can!:)


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Mornin, just trying to recover from a rough 3-11 at work yesterday.
BOF furnace where i work, had a reaction/eruption, spewed it contents out and all over,including a super-heated fireball to the roof , engulfing two mechanics working on a charging crane,150+ foot above,,1st,2nd, and 3rd degree burns to their faces/bodies.
i happened to be taking elect parts to them,,,missed being "in it "by 3 mins.:eek:
spent the shift by getting them on the elevator, to the ambulance,
trying to put out molten slag/steel fires to our electrical stuff, assessing the damage, start repairing same,etc.
the place looked like a volcano/firestorm went thru.
by the grace/luck of God, no one was near the area(s) when it went "spew", or we would have had vaporized fatalities,,:(
tired , sore, and spent, today ,,going in early today to continue to "mop up",,,,,,
have a good and safe day all,,,,,,,,,,,
Wow Jeff! So sorry to hear about your co-workers and glad you are ok! Keep us posted on how things are going!
Happy almost-Friday everyone!

Jeff---I'm so glad to hear that you are okay, but sorry to hear about your co-workers.

I'm all alone in the office today (I gave my employees the day off). The Clinic has been extremely quiet this I'll be lucky to stay awake.....looks like I'll have lots of time to spend hanging around here.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July. I'm going to echo Danielle and say stay away from the hospitals!

Happy wanted to say "Good Morning TRT"!:)


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G'Day Mates! It is a wonderful day here in good ole SC because I don't have to go to work for 5 whole days starting today. :dance: :beer: :dance: So all of you out in TRT Land Have a Safe and FUN 4th of July.

Jeff -- What a horrible accident! I hope those two are going to be OK and heal well! And what a RELIEF that you weren't hurt!!!

You take care, be careful, and get some rest after work!

Johnny - I forgot (or never knew) you had a twin!! Cool! Does he live back in New England? Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the fishing!!

Danielle, I hope you have some time off next week to catch up on sleep. As Troy says, after spending 22 hrs in the lab, followed by teaching class, followed by returning to the lab to clean up glassware, "Sleep? What's that?"

~ Shirley:)
Yes Shirley my twin Jim lives in Vermont where we grew up! We on occasions switched dates in high school but never worked out well as girls could tell as we had enough difference in personality for them to notice! I also took his place in his classes at high school for one day(as I was a year ahead of him because he spend a year in the hospital passing tubes down his throat from drinking a tablespoon of lye) and that was a blast! Teachers never knew!:D
I had an identical twin in 5th grade, and it took me til past Christmas to keep recognize him from his brother on the playground. Only in personality were they a little different! They could easily have switched classes - as long as they didn't say too much to give themselves away!

~ Shirley:)
Good morning TRT! It is going to be a hot one today with highs in the upper 90's. I am glad to be working in the air conditioning! I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday tomorrow!

good mrning wow its 845 and i am up already!!!!!!
hope everyones day is good!
Yeeee Hawwwww!

Jeff! I'm so glad you're OK, but that's waayyy to close. Keep us posted on your co-workers. That's horrible.
Good morning folks!

Sleep? what's that? I think I've had 10 hours in the last 3 days-but thank goodness my situation is only temporary-Danielle, you take care of yourself and grab a nap whenever you can!

Jeff-thank the Lord you are ok; what a horrible thing and I hope your coworkers have a full recovery. That must have been a horrific scene.

Johnny-enjoy the fishing, I hope you catch a big one for your bday :)

Ugh-I'm headed back to work here; where did I put that tape gun??

Wow, thats too Close Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!
shoot I was thinkin man I am glad Danielle isn't working the hospital I wound up at. I can just hear the lectures now ;)
Take care all , off for a CT scan
mornin all. sorry or my lack of presence this week.

i had the camping trip thursday through monday, spent most of monday sleeping. spent tuesday unpacking and setting up all the tents again in the backyard, as it rained the last day whilewe were packing up. so now the tents need to be cleaned and aired out. then i spent most of wednesday going out to a few different job interviews. i even interupted my camping trip on friday to come back home for a job interview as well. (500 mi round trip i migt add) so, of course i made the trip twice :rolleyes:

the trip went very well. everyone had a great time. at one point there were about 12 people with thier tubes tied together while floating downstream, they went over some rapids, and asia's tubewent straight up in the air, and she went straight down in the water :) i kayaked the whole time, more fun than tubes. but i did have to keep paddling back up stream to go back to the tubers. it's a 7 mile trip. takes 2 hours by kayak, and almost 5 hours by tube. but of course, because there were so many of us in my group, we managed to make it last 6 hours :D and i'll tell ya, we were ALL ready to get off that river by the end of the day lol.

two years ago i finally broke down and started taking a few anemities with me, like toaster and alarm clock. it was only about 5 years ago that i even started taking a tent. well, this year my family went overbaord, waaaay overboard. they took.. two taosters, two coffee machines. two microwaves, a tv, vcr, dvd player, stereo, electric skillets, 4 george forman grills, a juicemaker, a food processor, and two mini fridges :eek:

i was in shock!! but, i have to admit, it was kinda nice :D

i took asia horseback riding for her first time, she loved it, we were riding on an lassapso, apaloopsa, well, whatever it's called, thats what we were on, it was brown and white splotches :)

took her fishing, as much as i hate it, she caught 5 fish, 3 were small, but one was about 12" bass. i had to help her bring it in. we let them all go. i caught nothing :rolleyes:

then we went go carting, and my family was the only one on the track, so they gave us a little leeway since the boss wasnt around, and we played a bit of crash up derby :D

went swimming, went hiking up to see the gorge and the two waterfalls in the area. only rained the last morning while packing up.

overall it was a great trip. we had 8 campsites in a row, 30 adults, and 16 kids ended up showing up.

anyway i'm back home now, with a fully tanned skull and doing the job search thing every day, hoping to get somethign soon. only have finances to last about 6 weks, so i should be cool.

havea great day everyone!

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jay sounds like you had a blast......
kinda currious as to why i wasnt inveted but hey thats okay
btw you ready for any zoanthids yet?????
cath said:

Jeff! I'm so glad you're OK, but that's waayyy to close. Keep us posted on your co-workers. That's horrible.
Cath and all,, thanks for your concerns of my co workers(and me)
one came back to work last night,,just a lil bit burnt(red)
the other guy, as of last nite , was still at the hosp, due to the burns,,,my wife(ER nurse) said if he had 3rd deg to the lips and ears, the woulda airlifted him to burn center,,,,(airway swelling)
dunno til i get to work again,,,
dang thing was , this was not fire that got em , but superheated air,,,and over 150 ft away to boot!:rolleyes: :(
i'm goin in today with what i came in with , and hope to leave the same way,,,
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