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Here is some information regarding our tank and setup:


The tank was set up in July, 2001. (Previously, we had a 120G tank.) It is 340G and measures 96Lx33Wx24H. It is glass and was made by a firm called Seastar, which is located in Victoria, B.C. The sides are 5/8" glass; the bottom is 2x.5" glass laminated together. There are two overflows, each one located 9" in from the end of the tank, with 2 1.5" drains in each.

There is about 275lb. of rock in the tank and somewhere around 700 lbs. of sand. The latter is 2/3 aragonite (mostly southdown) and 1/3 "Oregon Beach Sand," which we purchased at a local garden supply outlet.


We run 4 x 400W Radium lamps on PFO HQI ballasts + VHO actinics in front of and behind the halides, as well as a VHO daylight bulbs at the very back of the tank. That is, the sequence of bulbs front to back is 1) VHO actinic; 2) 400W Radium; 3) VHO actinic; and 4) VHO daylight.


The return pump is a Dophin 4700, which feeds two 1" Sea Swirls. We also use two Gemini pumps to help with the circulation. The total circulation is somewhere around 3800 gph.

Our skimmer is a Bullet 3, and we have an MTC Calcium Reactor. We will be adding a MyReef Nilsen Reactor shortly, since we have had a difficult time keeping the calcium in the tank above 350 ppm. There is no other equipment of note.

Fish and Critters

9 good size chromis
1 convict damsel
2 yellow tangs
1 purple tang
1 clown tang
1 copperband butterfly
1 ? goby that suddenly appeared out of nowhere

assorted snails, etc.

We feed every day.


Mostly sps, with assorted polyps and mushrooms, a rapidly dividing and growing sarcophyton and a yellow figi photo=929

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I remember PM 'ing you a couple of months ago about your tank. I think it was on Reef Central? Anyway, I would like to know if you can e-mail me a couple of full tank shots in their original uncompressed sizes?
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