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GEN-X PCX100 FS: Used 45 seconds!!!

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Moved my sump and refuge to a closet, hooked up this pump, and turned it on. Wife screams "turn it off...turn it off!!!" and 45 seconds later I removed the pump and put in a smaller GEN-X pump. This pump is pressure rated, and has a max head of 29 feet. Rated at 1550GPH.



Item Code: TAMAK5
Magnetic Drive. Fan Cooled. Sealess Design. Energy Saving. Durably built. This pump is designed for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Maintenance free design.


Inlet (MPT) / Outlet (MPT): 1" / 1"
Power usage: 340Watts
Flow Rate: 1800 GPH
Max flow rate: 85 L/min
Max head pressure: 6.8 meters
Speed: 2850 RPM
Comparable to Iwaki 55RLT.

Price $254.00

Will sell for $200.00 with free ground UPS.

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I should clarify.....

This pump was waaaaayyyyy to much flow for my overflows to handle. I shut it down when I soon realized my tank was about to spill over. Other than that, I found the pump to be relatively quiet, and very powerful.

Any takers?

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