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My clown fish has been acting unwell since yesterday morning. I have had his clown fish for approximately 2.5 years. She is a female ocellaris clown and is about 2 inches in length. I first noticed that she was not as outgoing as usual and was mainly hiding behind the brain coral she has hosted on. She was also gasping but has not being going to the surface. I fed pellets around 1pm yesterday (New Life Spectrum Marine Formula), which she ate, but was very uninterested in. This is unusual behavior as she is usually very pushy and aggressive during feeding time. Later that evening I tried feeding mysis which she attempted to eat, spat out, and then ate. (Again this is unusual behavior, usually inhales food.) Has refused to eat since. About five minutes after this feeding I noticed white, stringy poop. I have noticed this occurring in both clown fish in the past, approximately every few months, so am not sure if it is related. Previous research had led me to believe it could occur from a high protein diet or stress. Since both fish were behaving normally I did not worry.
At this point her behavior has not really changed. She is still breathing rapidly and is mainly sitting on her brain coral (although she did come out to see our male clown for a bit later in the evening). Normally she is very active and swims all over the tank. Our male clown fish and possum wrasse (the only other fish in the tank) are showing no signs of illness or distress. I do not see any kind of discoloration or marks on the female clown fish. She is also swimming upright/normally. She is dusting a rock near her brain coral more than usual, however, she has done this in the past. Has never layed eggs though.

Our tank is a 50 gallon with a 20 gallon refugium (live rock, a couple crabs, cheeto) and a 20 gallon sump (Reef Octopus Diablo XS160 skimmer,
media reactor with carbon). We only use R/O water for water changes (approx 10 gallons per month) and top offs. Tank has been set up from about 2.75 years. We normally feed PEmysis and New Life Spectrum Marine Formula
pellets once or twice a day, and cyclopeeze or 'Coral Frenzy' every couple weeks. We have not added any fish/ corals/ live rock in the last 7 months. However, we did add 6 new cerith snails yesterday from the LFS.
Water tests show 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, pH 8.2-8.4 (difficult to read with our test kit), nitrate less than 5 ppm, temperature 78, and salinity 1.025 with refractometer. The test kit used was API brand.
Thanks for any help or info you can provide.

Link to Video(forum doesn't want to let me post links...)
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