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Fyi, some great deals to be had, I normally wouldn't post this, but think that some of you would be very interested. I'm sure the 1.99 yellow tangs are very small.

this is from the email specials they send out about once a week.

Check out our Repeat Buyer Program!
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repeat customers!

Yellow Tangs $1.99 (only 300 available)
Turbo/Astrea Snails - Group of 10 $9.99
Peppermint Shrimp - Group of 5 $14.99
Shaving Brush Plants - Group of 5 $15.99
Blueleg Hermit Crabs - Group of 10 $9.99
Scarlet Hermit Crabs - Group of 10 $29.99
Nassarius Snails - Group of 10 $9.99
Emerald Crabs - Group of 3 $11.99
Pencil Urchins - Group of 2 $8.99
Coral Banded Shrimp $7.99
Porcelain Crabs $6.99
Sand Sifting Cucumber $7.99
Arrow Crabs $7.99
Porcupine Puffers $14.99
Jawfish $14.99
Bubble Tip Anemones $29.99
White Sebae Anemones $24.99
Chalk Basslets $8.99
Lettuce Nudibranch $7.99
Spiny Oysters $34.99
Blue Reef Chromis $9.99
Sally Lightfoot Crabs $9.99
Umbrella Mushroom Polyps $7.99
Deep Sea Yellow Gorgonians $14.99
Cleaner Clams $5.99
Aquacultured Queen Conch $7.99
Aquacultured Persian Conch $7.99
Pink Tip Haitian Anemones $9.99
Volitan Lionfish $29.99
Aquacultured Fridmanis $24.99
Blue Hippo Tangs - Show $69.99
Mystery Wrasse $179.99
plus lots of other great deals!

Don't forget about the Money Back Guarantee
and 15-Day Guarantee.

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Free shipping applies to Live Goods, Live Rock, Reef Packages,
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Minimum order required for Live Goods is only $79. There is a $9.99
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on any specially priced item, unless otherwise marked.

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Sale ends July 14th or while supplies last.
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