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For the hawk (oh hawkfish, my favorite fish. I am in love with a falco hawk I saw the other day), you forgot that they will also most likely attack hermits, eat any shrimpies, feather dusters, and bother almost any non sessile invert that could be percieved as food, they don't call em hawks for nothing! ;)

Going onto live aquaria is always a good starting point for inspiration when thinking about fish stocking.

Are the dimenions 2ft by 2ft by 2ft? That will limit things quite a bit.

I personally think 5-7 (depending on species) would be the maximum amount of fish you want total for your tank.

Given the short length of the tank, I just looked for fish on LA that were easy to care for and that had a minimum tank size between 10-30 gallon, with 55 gallons for both dwarf angels. They might not be compatible with your current fish though, I'm still learning about that stuff. I more just giving you a list of fish that would fit in your size tank. Then, others can comment on compatibility once you decide on what fish. Here are some fish that caught my eye:

~Royal Gramma
~Chalk Bass
~Bicolor Blenny (known to nip clams, LPS corals when underfed)
~Harptail Blenny (feed many times per day)
~Horned Blenny (known to nip at SPS corals)
~White Blenny
~Yellow Striped, Kauderns, and Pajama cardinalfish
~Orchid dottyback (can be territorial. you want fridmani species)
~Cherub Angel (pretty sure at 3" they would be okay, please someone correct me if I'm wrong)
~Flameback angel (same as above)
~Possum Wrasse

Hope this helps somewhat :)
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