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Depends on the blenny. I've never had one bother corals, but I have had my golden sailfin blenny pick at algae by frags and knock them down. My tailspot blenny has never bothered any coral at all. There are only two corals in with my orange spot, but I've never seen him nip at them - he is a bulldozer and will knock them down and lay on them though. He can also be a jerk - I wouldn't recommend him with a firefish, but the other two are peaceful (the tailspot can kind of hover and annoy new fish, but he's never made contact - of the three he certainly has the most personality though).

Your royal gramma and possum wrasse from your original list are good choices. If you want a dottyback look into the elegant dotty. They're smaller and shyer than other dottybacks - I've never seen any aggression from mine at all (I don't have a firefish with him though). Chromis are a nice active fish that could make a good addition.
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