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Thank you for the help. added some to the list, going to avoid Blennys based on your advice of nipping corals, corals are my favorite don't want them going anywhere.
Who said Blennies would nip at corals?
Angels, angels will nip at coral especially the soft and LPS.

If you're really interested in the care of the coral, then limit your fish
to maybe a lawn mower blenny to be part of your vegetarian CUC
and a couple or 3 small fish.

I have not seen any tank sizes provided in this thread nor aquarium
aquascaping pictures. Without these, nobody can make recommendations-
oh the link = 60 cube with 5 ppm Nitrites on 8/19 just 3 days ago
ok- reading on that was a typo as well as the .5 NH4.
Tested levels
pH 7.9
calcium 400
dkh 11~12

WAIT .5 AMMONIA. i started searching for dead snails to explain the spike. Had my gf redo the test and she got a 0. Guess i just cant handle the tests.
So starting over here, the tank was new on 8/13/15 however, one saving grace…
i moved the sand in an inch of water i also moved all of the live rock in buckets filled with water from the tank.
Good job :)
Was the rock or sand exposed to any drying out at all?
Was it all live rock that was cured?

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I have no plans on adding fish for a few months. i just wanted a direction on what i was getting. The live rock and sand was never dried out, longest it was out was picking it up from tank to full bucket. Only die off could have been from the lack of oxygen during the transport.

The tank was up and running for over a year before i got it.
These kinds of details are helpful when asking for recommendations or any kind of helps.

All the blennies I know of will not bother your coral, other than possibly
occasionally perching atop of one. I have had a starry blenny devil my fish
in a worse way than damsels could, but not the norm.

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I did, but I was just posting what it said on Live Aquaria. For those blenny's I listed, it said they have been known to nip corals and clams.
I read 4 of them, all listed as reef safe, and the Horned blenny is known to nip at SPS and clam mantles.
Good to know.
I had shown interest in the Smiths/White Blenny, what do you think?
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