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Furan-2 Antibiotic

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I need to treat a fish quickly with antibiotic. People seem to have a lot of luck with furan-2. It says it will not harm your bio filter, but I don't see how this is possible. The only thing in the tank is my lion (which I am treating) and a CC star. I would love to just treat in place, but I don't want to destroy my live rock and sandbed. Does this product really do what they say? Any experiences....
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Active Ingredients: nitrofurazone, furazolidone, and methylene blue trihydrate.
Nope it will mess up your bacterial filtration.
What are the symptoms and what exactly do you think you want to treat?
It is a fuzzy dwarf lion with cloudy eyes. Upon reading the disease FAQ at a forum to remain unnamed it seems fairly clear that antibiotics are the route to go.
Cloudy eyes can be caused by ammonia burn too. That's common with fish like lions, groupers that eat a lot at one time.
You might not have a bactreria infection.

Check ammonia, nitrite
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