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funeral for a friend...

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AAAAK! Just bought a brand new cleaner shrimp today for the new reef. 3 hours later - dead on the bottom!!! And guess who dragged him off for dinner....Mr. @*&#^@ Coral Banded! Well I guess that answers my question about adding any more shrimp. Funny - he left the cheapo peppermints alone.

Am I blaming the CBS unjustly for this crime - (do we think I just got a bad cleaner?) or is this typical "banded" behavior?

Sad!:confused::mad: :confused:
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yes i have a cbs, blood shrimp, 3 peperment shrimp, pistol shrimp, and a cleaner in a 55 gal, acclimate all inverts over a period of hours these are more delicate than the fish!
So you think I should try another one?
Acclimation may have been the problem as MNreefman has stated! How long did you acclimate the shrimp before introducing it to your tank? I acclimate mine for at least an hour!

CBS can be very territorial and the most aggressive of all shrimps in my opinion. I think the larger the tank the better chance of having different species of shrimp living together in harmoney!:)
if i can do it anyone can
just rember acclimate them SLOWLY over a peroid of HOURS
I acclimated for about 45 minutes which was probably not long enough - although the fish did fine. I am worried about territory though because the CBS is pretty big - I have had him for almost 3 years.......and he has been in this new tank for about 5 weeks staking out his territory. I guess I'll try again - yikes.
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