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I thought I could start over with an Aquapod and not have to worry about the expense, but it's just too much money to spend in college.

So here's the list (yet again...)

--Aquapod with 64W PC's
--Half bucket of Reef Crystals
--Coralife Gloves
--Used test kits
--Cabinet from IKEA
--Wave Timer
--Light Timer
--SpectraPure 50 gal/day (2 months old)
--Cooling fans that clip on tank
--Pair of Black and White Clowns
--Neon Blue Zoos (30-polyp rock)
--"PPE/Armor of God" (10-polyp frag)
--LOTS of flakes, pellets, zooplankton, phytoplankton, aragaMILK
--Pumping Xenia (5 stalks)
--turbos, margaritas, nassarius, lots of hermits
--60 total pounds live rock
--phython cleaning hose + extension
--2 maxi-jet 1200

other extras I can't remember now

All of this cost me over $1000

I'll take $700 for the lot...I'd love to get rid of it all at once.
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