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FS/FT Turboflotor 1000 multi

I'm selling a Turboflotor 1000 multi. The skimmer is complete with the box it came in. This skimmer worked great. Sometimes to well that I would turn it off for a day or two. This skimmer is only a year old. No cheap RIO pump. This one has the Aqua Bee/Ocean runner pump.
Reason: I'm going to try a Becket skimmer on my new setup because of the high bio load.
Price $120.00 + shipping
Or, I would trade for a new Gen-X / Mak-4 External Water Pump.
Thanks for looking,
From the site:
"The Turboflotor 1000 multi is the most versatile of our skimmers. It can be used as hang on, fixed outside of the aquarium frame as well as inside or outside of a filter sump in the cabinet. In the hang on mode, only the venturi pump is placed in the aquarium itself. It consists of a venturi pump with needle wheel, the skimmer itself with a conical foam cup with lid and 2 outflow boxes for directing the outlet back to the aquarium. Up to 250 gallons.
Dimensions: 22" Height"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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