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clam.jpg Sad to say I am breaking down my tank due my move to Anchorage. I am only selling live stock, and after that rock. No tank (I will enjoy smashing this tank after the 3 middle of the night leaks over the years.)

I have several pics available, so please email me if interested. Bad thing is I live on McChord so I have to meet you somewhere in town. Serious buyers only, don't want to stress the fish out by bagging them and then dropping them back in if they don't sell.

Blue tang $20
2 clown fish $25 for both
2 cleaner shrimp both for $30
Madrin goby $15
Urchin $5
5 cardinal fish all for $35
Blue 4-5” crocea clam $30

Please email and I'll answer as soon as I can.
[email protected]
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