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I need to sell my current lighting since it will not work at the new house (to much heat, don't want to buy a chiller, no central air :eek: and cosmetic reasons :funny: ). I am going to buy a T5 fixture or 150w DE pendent. Here is what I have:

IceCap 660 complete with (8) vho endcaps and (2) 24" URI actinics. The 660 is about 8 months old (only used for a month), end caps are 5 months old (used one month) and the bulbs are 2 months old (used for one week).
Asking $150 for the vho retro.

IceCap electronic 250w ballast with mogule socket and 10k XM bulb. Items were bought new in March and used for a week.
Asking $150 for the halide retro.

Both ballasts are wired for power and to respective sockets.
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