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Updated 8/9/03

20 lb C02 tank (full) $90still available

Like new Dual stage digital Temperature controller $90 still available

new 2x400 PFO ballast and 48" Aquatico Hood (Assembled! Plug and play!) $360

150W hqi pendant (no bulbs)$150still available price reduced!

and I did say everything:

Viewsonic VP171b 17" flat panel 1280x1024 16ms response 170deg V/H viewing angle one digital and two analog inputs. Sat on my desk for two months for a 2nd computer, hardly used. $475
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The ballast and bulbs are for the same kit?
yeah Ray, ballast is plain jane, not eye or hqi. will fire 6.5k and 10k i believe.

Actually, they are for an Aquatico 48" pendant/hood i have, still in the wrapping from Doug. I'll consider selling this too. Two moguls with PFO quick disconnects, two 115VAC fans, and tempered glass shield. Some wiring and assembly required. Reflector is predrilled for moguls and VHO or PC endcaps, whatever is to your liking. I think I'd sell it for $225.

powered 1.5" three way valve to oscilate a closed loor or return on a large syste. ie. wavemaking without turning off and on pumps. sold as is, a diy thing I picked up from someone. It appears to work fine. I never installed it...
here it is in actionand the temp controller

oops, i switches the urls, they're backwards
Could I buy just the HQI bulbs?
one last bump, updated, see original post
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