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FS: 40g drilled sump, 55g drilled refuge

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Best offer. 55g is acrylic and pretty beat up, 1" bulkhead in top corner. 40g is a breeder and good shape, 1" bulkhead in bottom corner with elbow and union.

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What range are you looking for in the Breeder?
I added two sheets of glass as baffles, and added the elbow and union. They are solvent welded on so be warned, but it's in the best configuration. This way your return pump is parrallel with the tank so it takes up less space and can fit under a stand 24" deep. All you'll need to provide is a return pump and a 1" to 3/4" adapter (unless you pump has a 1" fitting of course).

I'd say for $60 come pick it up, if no other bites I'd come down. I'll toss in the overflow as well. I took it out as this use to be a RR tank (albiet drilled in the back and not the bottom).

Also, re the 55, fwiw chef was selling this at $50 ea i think, but I traded a regulator for it. I'd prefer to make my return on these investments.
oh yeah, i also have other unions, pipe, and ball valves you can have. i can't return all this junk
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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