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Take it all for $350:

MH parts all by PFO Lighting ( -- see the AQ2-250MH-120V ballast, SA8MOG socket assembly, RSA8MOG reflector, QD8 cables).

2 x XM 10k bulbs. Maybe 2 months of usage.

Mounted in a homemade hood (approx 18"x38") w/ white chains and hooks for hanging.

Homemade moonlight (angle adjustable) w/ 18 blue LEDs on a separate 12v power cord.
2 fans (wired together on a separate 110v power cord).

Everything is clean, no salt creep or corrosion on the bulbs, reflectors etc. I had it high over my tank and didn't use it very long. It was just too much light for my 75g tank with mostly softies and LPS.

Can pickup in Columbus, GA, or ship. I have the original box for the ballast and probably other parts.
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