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Moving sale. Tank is located in Alpharetta at Windward.
Best offer for the entire thing... However, here are the components:

Oceanic 200 gallon tank with stand: 7' x 2' x 2'
65 gallon custom refugium
Coralife Venturi Skimmer w/ pump
TLF Phosban reactor w/ RowaPhos
300# or more Fiji live rocks
Mag 12
Tons of Caulerpa sp.

Pair of Oscellaris clowns
Maroon clown
Skunk clown
Banggai cardinal
Flame angel
Barlett's anthias (4)
Green spot mandarin
Lawnmower blenny
Cleaner shrimp
Blue tang
Yellow tang

Coco worm
Lots of green button polyps
Lots of green and red zoanthids
Colt coral
Candy coral (looks like a brain on the Left side)
Wesophyllia brain
2 Crocea clam
Green capricornis
Orange capricornis
Orange digitata
Fungia plate
Fungia plate + offsprings
Red ricordia
Orange/red mushroom
Green star polyps
Toadstool leather
3 green hammer
Green/pink frogspawn
Pulsating xenia colonies...
Cynarina red
and more...

I will list price later or PM early for an offer. Thanks!

Can't seem to post pics. I will try on next post.

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Tanks also have auto top off.
Coralife 3 x 150watt 14K HQI and 4 x 96watt actinics
Coralife Turbo Twist 6X UV sterilizer
2 Korallia model 4 pumps
2 Mag float

Tank + Light + stand + sump + mechanical stuff = $3000
Livestock and Live Rocks = TBD


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Live rocks

A lot of the rocks are now covered in corals. I will try to sell all the corals first. Then rocks. Then fish. I will sell whatever isn't covered with coral for $5/#. The rocks were all hand selected. They are generally low density and covered in coralline. Fully cured. There are some flat pieces, but most are covered by zoos.
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