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I listed this on craigslist and though it might be better to share here as well since you guys have helped in the past :)

This setup is only a year old, I'm wanting to sell for a move. Full system measurements at largest points are 76.5"H x 76"L x 22"D, the tank itself is 30"H x 72"L x 18"D. Everything is topnotch, lighting, pumps, protein skimmer, custom stand and canopy, etc. The stand canopy are really something else with some great trim work, tons of storage underneath, 6 doors on piano hinges that appear hidden.

I'm going to try to list as much as I can. This is truly a great setup and has been very easy to maintain. There is approx $10k in this setup the lighting alone was over $1500

Custom All glass aquarium with stand and canopy integrated overflow
72" Aqualight Pro 3x250W HQI Lamp + 4x96W CF Lamps Sq. Pin + 4x1W LED
220G Protein Skimmer and pump
17"H x 30"L x 14"D acrylic Wet/Dry Filter system
3-Stage timer for lights and all

approx 150lbs of live rock
120lbs of live sand
Naso Tang 7"
Magnificent Foxface 8"
Foxface 6"
2 Clarkie Clowns
six-line Wrasse
Blue Tang 5"
Sailfin Tang 4"
Coral Beauty
Green Bird Wrasse 6"
Copperband Butterfly 4"
Dragon Goby 3"
Shrimp Goby Blue spot
Shrimp Goby Pink and Blue
Green Mandarin Dragonet Goby
Multiple Damsels
Flame Scallop
Large Rose Bubble tip Anemone - 8+"
Large Pink Toadstool Leather
Plate Coral Long Tentacle large 6"
Mushroom coral
Zoos Green Eye
Brain Coral Lobo
Lavender Mushroom
Thin Finger Leather - large
2 starfish
crabs and snails

$4000 obo

More pics upon request


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