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Wanabe Reefer
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A premium 150 gallon Reef Show Tank set up. Just add salt water! Here is what you get:

150 gallon "Euro braced" Show Tank made of 1" acrylic (crafted by James Steele)
30 gallon reservoir
Custom Stand & Hood (stand is 39” high)
Aqua Medic Titan 1500 Chiller (new in box)
Recirculating Skimmer (8”X27” w/ two sedra pumps)
4 Icecap 250 W Electronic Ballasts
4 250 W bulbs
Polished Aluminum sheet reflectors
2 IceCap programmable timers
American T5 ballast
4 X 4' T5 bulbs w/ reflectors
Moon Light
60 W Ultra life UV sterilizer
Ultra life 360 Mg Ozone Generator
350 W titanium heater
Medusa dual stage controller
2 canister filters w/ 4 sleeves
Lifeguard FB 600 Fluidized bed filter w/ approx 600 g of “PhosBan”
70 lbs live rock
100 lbs aragonite sand
Salifert test kits – CA, PO4, Alk, Mg, Sr, B, NO2, Org, Si
2 X 3/4" Sea Swirls
Kent 60 gpd RODI system
2 X "Dolphin" external pumps (2500 gph) w/ rebuild kits
4 Iwaki external pumps – 2 X WMD 20RLT, MD 30 RT, MD 55RLT
2 Hood fans
6 Canisters of Black Diamond activated Carbon
RHS 10ATC Refractometer w/ calibration dial
Hanna HI 98127 pH & Temp instant read probe
2 Kent Float Valves
Float switch & solenoid

All this for $6,000


Going Broke
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Hey Brad, sorry to see you part with that system. The 1" acrylic will work well as a cold water tank.

Wanabe Reefer
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Price ranges from $8-$12 depending on the kit, most have been used only once or tice and many have never been opened

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very interested in the ro/di if you part out. What is the price shipped to 30039. and if you have an Auto top off let me know thanks. Matt
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