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I have a 1/3 HP chiller I bought used that have never set up. I bought it off someone that had used it for less than a year. It was working in his set up quite well until I bought it. I brought it home and it has been sitting in my garage for 10 months now. I did not even plumb it online. I was waiting for the summer to see if I would really need it, but I am coming to figure out I won't need it in addition to the fact that it is undersized for my set up anyways.The brand is West Coast Aquatics.

I am not looking to make any money on this at all, so I am willing to sell it for exactly the same I bought it for. First $450, cash or paypal only, will take it. I would have considered trades as partial payment, but I want to buy a 1 hp unit given I am moving to FL.

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